Shanxi LED lighting fixture sampling 12 batches of products failed

Recently, the Shanxi Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau announced the results of quality inspections of LED lights, induction cookers, switch sockets and other electrical appliances. In the Taiyuan market, 12 batches of unqualified products were found.

The quality supervision department conducted a supervised spot check on the quality of 20 batches of LED lamps, and failed three batches. The main quality problem that exists is that the LED lamp power is unqualified. Power represents the actual amount of energy consumed. The smaller the difference between the detected power value and the nominal value of the product, the higher the production accuracy of the product. Marking energy-saving lamps that are actually low-power energy into high-power energy-saving lamps, increasing the sales price, suspicion of deceiving consumers, and not meeting the needs of consumers.

Taiyuan market unqualified product information: SZ-10W Suozheng brand LED bulb produced by Guangdong Fangda Suzheng Optoelectronics Lighting Co., Ltd., distributed by Southeastern Lighting Department of Wanlin District; distributed by Xing'anju Lighting Distribution Department of Wanlin District The QP3W3000K core color LED bulb lamp produced by Zhongshan Xincai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.; the SQ108-5W type card produced by Senfeng Lighting Factory of Jiangmen District, Jiangmen City, which is distributed by Wanlin District Famous Lighting Distribution Department. LED bulbs.

The quality of the 30 batches of lamps was supervised and spot-checked, and 6 batches were rejected. The main quality issue is the failure of internal and external wiring. If the unqualified product is too thin, the ability to carry current is reduced, and the wire will heat up during use. The insulation performance of the wire will be greatly reduced over a long period of time. In severe cases, the wire will be burnt and a short circuit will cause a fire.

Taiyuan market unqualified product information: Wanbang District Wanshui Decoration City Mingtai Lighting Distribution's nominal Jiangmen City Yudu Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. produced 906A-3 type grid LED ceiling light; Wanbai District Wanshui Lighting City Dragon The sub-LED LED ceiling lamp produced by the brand name of Zhongshan Guzhen Yani Lighting Appliance Factory of the distribution of fine lighting and lighting products; the LP-24 type SMEIZS brand LED suction produced by the famous Guzhen Liangpai Lighting Appliance Factory of Wanshui Lighting City Top light; ZHBL area Ou Di lighting distribution of the nominal Anhui Zhenhua Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. ZHBL12A1003 type ZHOE brand LED ceiling light; Wanlin District Haoliang lighting distribution department of the distribution of Jiangmen City, Pengjiang District, Haneda Lighting Factory production 8W type Mofan LED ceiling light.

In the quality inspection of 80 batch switch sockets in Taiyuan market, 4 batches of unqualified products were found. The main quality problems: heat is not qualified, the switch socket will be hot and deformed after a long time of use, and even cause leakage of the live parts; the force required to pull out the plug is unqualified, and the socket will be too loose or too tight during the plugging and unplugging process. Safe use, even fire, arc, etc., causing personal injury and fire accidents.

Unqualified product information: 10A250V~ type Donghui brand socket and 10AX250V~ type Donghui brand switch produced by Taiyuan Donghui Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., distributed by Zhongshan Guzhen Donghui Electric Co., Ltd.; distribution of Zhongying Electric Distribution Department of Jiancaoping District The 10A250V~ type Zhongying brand socket and 10AX250V~ type Zhongying brand switch produced by the famous Longwan Tianhe Sunying Electrical Appliance Factory.

Energy-saving lamps, induction cookers, and liquid heaters have all passed the inspection. For unqualified products, the provincial quality supervision bureau has required the geological supervision department to take measures such as rectification and review and administrative punishment for the operators involved, so as to promote the improvement of product quality and eliminate production and sales of unqualified products.

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