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The two-day China Electric Vehicle Hundred People Forum was held in Beijing from January 23 to 24, and hundreds of industry elites including government leaders, industry experts and scholars, and electric vehicle manufacturers gathered in Beijing. Focusing on the theme of “Building Competitive, Innovative and Sustainable Industrial Ecology”, an in-depth discussion and exchange was held on the development status of electric vehicles and future innovation and ecology.

Director Li Keqiang, Department of Automotive Engineering, Tsinghua University

Core Tip : The development of automotive technology is intelligent and networked. There are two ultimate stages. If they are completely unmanned, they can be realized. At the moment, it should be a combination of the two. car. As an organic combination of electric vehicles and smart cars, it is not a simple superposition. The foreign technology is a simple superposition. The electric car and the smart car are placed together. This can be re-architected. Ten years ago, with the support of the Ministry of Science and Technology, a smart environment-friendly electric vehicle was proposed, which can combine clean energy power, electronically controlled chassis and intelligent information interaction, and called it a new generation of intelligent networked vehicles.

The following is a speech by Li Keqiang, Director of Automotive Engineering Department of Tsinghua University :

Hello everyone! I am Li Keqiang from the Department of Automotive of Tsinghua University. I am very happy to be here, from the perspective of automotive technology, to talk about our understanding of intelligent networked cars and our practice.

We all say that cars are both traditional and modern, cars are a system of integration, and cars are an innovative platform. We can see from this picture that the car from the appearance of the earliest carriage internal combustion engine to the assembly line to later talk about new energy vehicles, and recently we talked about the emergence of a system based on the new generation of ICT, the intelligent network of vehicles in this case. I will simply say that the so-called smart car is like a human, and the car that can be completely replaced in the car, including the eyes, ears, brain and hands and feet, will make the car safer, cleaner and smarter.

Smart cars are staged. From primary to advanced, they are completely unmanned. They are equivalent to the "communism" of the automobile society. Now it is the initial stage of various driving assistance systems or various kinds of automatic driving technology in industrialization. Smart cars are also classified. One is automatic and does not need to rely on the Internet at all. The other is the network connection or intelligent network car that we are talking about now. In addition to the car itself, the Internet is a new generation model, ICT and car. The combination of industries has emerged as a network.

The development of automotive technology is intelligent and networked. There are two ultimate stages. If they are completely unmanned, they can be realized. At the moment, it should be a combination of the two. We call it an intelligent network car. If you look at this picture, the above is the network car, we can fully develop the communication and can be unmanned. It can also be driven by autonomous sensors, but it can't be controlled. At this time, there is an intelligent network. The car is to combine the networked car with the autonomous driving to promote the car to be smarter and more driverless.

Under such circumstances, we are talking about smart cars to the Internet of Vehicles and intelligent transportation systems. We have an organic logic relationship between them. We first say that smart cars must be part of intelligent transportation, and another car. Networking, we say that the application of the Internet in the field of automobile transportation includes many aspects. One of the three aspects is service, intelligent manufacturing and the next generation of intelligent transportation system, the service system integrating people and vehicles, and the other is what we call Intelligent networked car.

Under such circumstances, we have a consensus on the smart car in the international automotive industry. Although it appeared very early, it just mentioned that after the emergence of a new generation or new type of mobile communication Internet communication, the smart car automatically drives. Really industrialization, this will be a revolution in automotive technology. It includes not only the problem of service and the way the service changes, but the traffic angle should be included from safety, congestion, and fuel consumption. In this case, the international development, the United States first proposed the mobile Internet traffic, he proposed to connect, how to be intelligent on the basis of connection, he has begun a series of industrialization from the basics, experimentally I am also making an evaluation. Europe is also from an industrial point of view, from the point of view of the use of assisted driving to partial autopilot, to advanced autopilot to unmanned driving, also gives the road map and implementation. Japan has also given the history of time development, including the development from the perspective of the car and the road. Japan feels that we can learn from the behavior of the country to promote autonomous driving. He is very clear that there are various government departments, and then the enterprises and research institutions classify the technology, what is the enterprise's own technology, and what is the common technical classification that needs government support. Advancing. The overall situation is that foreign countries, the United States, Japan and Europe can be compared. They have a very clear strategic roadmap for smart cars and such development, and they have already been promoted in practice. This includes a combination of government, industry, and research in the true sense.

Looking at the domestic situation, our country mentioned the introduction of new energy vehicles in the promotion of China's manufacturing 2025. It also mentioned the intelligent network connection vehicle, and also gave a clear roadmap for development, including industrialized auxiliary driving, and then to the network connection. The final unmanned driving, including a lot of research, the 863 project of the Ministry of Science and Technology is doing research in this area more than a decade ago, intelligent transportation, car networking has continued to support the intelligent perspective of new energy vehicles. Our Tsinghua Auto team has also accumulated a long time. On the one hand, it undertakes national projects, and actively carries out substantive cooperation and domestic cooperation of automobile companies, and also participates in the interaction between the state and the industry, and strives to industrialize. This is the transformation of the industrialization of the Automotive Digital Vehicle Research Institute. We created Suzhou Zhihua to industrialize the early warning system of the smart car, and carried out the front loading of the car, including Changan, Guangzhou Automobile, and SAIC. Wuling and other industrializations are not only the front loading of buses but also the front loading of cars. In domestic companies, we have been reporting on the leadership of the company yesterday. FAW has a clear roadmap for development, from assisting driving to entertainment to complete driverless driving, including yesterday’s Changan also talked about 654 in their smart car. Development strategy, including the development path of platforms, technologies and applications. Communication and Internet companies are also conducting, and our intelligent network connection is also needed. The traditional DSRC is also exploring and supporting. Domestic communication companies are using LTE-V or 4G and 5G to explore network-connected cars.

Finally, let me introduce, we mentioned that the development of automotive technology is said to be intelligent, networked and electrified. This is in addition to the conventional one we have intelligent networked electric vehicles. We know that the electric vehicle as the platform can make the intelligent and networked technology do a good job, which can make us easy to implement. The intelligent network technology can also solve the fundamental problems of electric vehicles, such as charging problems and energy saving problems. For example, the problem of intelligent and safe automatic driving, the technology of ICT for EV launched in Europe in the past few years, allows electric vehicles to be optimized and charged on a large scale, and can also be driven automatically after entering the area. China has also put forward its own concept. We regard electric vehicles and smart cars as an organic combination. It is not a simple superposition. We know that foreign technology is a simple superposition. Electric vehicles and smart cars are placed together. This is OK. Re-architected, we launched a smart environment-friendly electric vehicle with the support of the Ministry of Science and Technology ten years ago. We can combine clean energy power, electronically controlled chassis and intelligent information interaction to call it a new generation intelligent network. United car.

The picture on the right is a basic concept of adding a smart car to an electric car, whether it is Tesla, Apple or Google. On the left is the basic concept we propose. We can share it with the structure. Control coordination to make a new structure for electric vehicles, we can use radar for energy management, so that we will make electric vehicles more safe and energy-saving, which is the concept we proposed ten years ago, and has been supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Achieved. This is what we did at the time with hybrid assistance on the hybrid car. Our radar can be used for collision avoidance and energy management, and it can be more energy efficient in hybrid power. This is our job. thank you all!

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