The characteristics of casting wax

High and medium temperature precision casting pellets, bead shape, high hardness, low linear shrinkage, good toughness, good stability, can be used repeatedly, and other water-soluble casting wax, repair wax, bonding wax and other ancillary products; model wax as an art Casting, precision machine tool processing mold material. Of course, the “cast wax” that is usually used for jewellery casting is beaded.


Melting temperature: 105°C~110°C

Keeping temperature: 55°C~60°C

Injection temperature paste: 55°C~60°C

Injection temperature Liquid: 63°C~68°C

Wax pressure (Injection pressure): 20 to 30 kg/cm2

Mold temperature: 20~25°C

Cast wax color:

Wax color is usually dark red, pink, plum red, green lake, light green, dark blue, light blue, sapphire blue, cast wax The most common appearing on the market is light blue casting wax (of course, color itself does not affect the function , just visual effects, personal preferences)

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