Where is the medical device road in China?

This year is a year in which government policy strongly supports pharmaceutical devices, and the domestic medical device market is bound to usher in more opportunities. Shi Yonghui, head of investment and mergers and acquisitions department of Medtronic, Greater China, a global orthopaedic medical device giant, believes that the rectification of illegal activities by foreign-funded enterprises is of great benefit to the regulation of the entire medical industry.

China's medical device enterprises will not reproduce the high growth rate of 30% in previous years, but as the country encourages domestic medical devices to improve performance and upgrade, it will bring more rapid development opportunities to China's medical device industry.

For example, China's cardiovascular and cerebrovascular medical device industry faces four major development opportunities. First of all, in terms of degradable cardiac stents, there is a small gap between China's technical level and international level, and there is an opportunity to participate in international competition and go global. In the next 3-5 years, the entry of Chinese companies will lead to the global market for degradable heart stents.

Secondly, in the device market such as pacemakers, it is currently in the state of being monopolized by foreign-funded enterprises. Domestically produced devices only have a 12% share. Under the background of the country's encouragement of domestic medical device upgrades and government procurement, the opportunities for substitution of domestically produced devices are large. increase.

Third, in terms of three-dimensional mapping equipment, although the capacity of the market segment is small, the growth rate is fast; finally, there is a great opportunity for prevention testing. "In view of the fact that there are 200 million people with high blood pressure in China and 100 million people with diabetes, the trend of shortage of medical resources in China is difficult to change for a long time, so the opportunities for prevention and testing of products are also prosperous. For example, implantable monitoring devices, extracorporeal heart Electrical monitoring technology and services are expected to receive more attention.

Domestic medical machinery enterprises merge or become mainstream

Medtronic recently took frequent shots and acquired two aircraft companies, Aircraft and Lazarus Effect. The case of mergers and acquisitions of foreign-funded enterprises is also emerging in this year. So, do domestic medical equipment companies have to adjust their strategies?

Judging from the development path of medical device giants such as Medtronic, the main reason for continuously becoming bigger and stronger is to take the route of restructuring and mergers and acquisitions. At present, China's medical device industry is also replicating the growth path of foreign giants.

According to relevant data, the third quarterly report of the pharmaceutical sector has the highest pre-increased rate of more than 70%, driven by steady growth in demand and outsourcing. The organization expects that medical devices, as a pharmaceutical sub-sector, are expected to usher in an opportunity to accelerate development under the promotion of policies such as the promotion of health and aged care services, grading diagnosis and treatment, and localization of medical devices.

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