Application of electronic technology in power tools

Some thoughts on testing market service bets (4) Pay attention to customer complaints. No unit can complain without customers. "Because of customer trust, we will complain about problems in the service. We have to deal with 'customer complaints correctly. To make customers more satisfied, this is also the process of customer service improvement: In a sense, complaining is more helpful to our development than praise.

(.5) Assist customers in success. Foreign-funded testing units generally adopt a combination of internal and external, which is more convenient to control, more flexible, and can also improve the business level of each other. They are also eager for success, and adopt the principle of partnership and mutual benefit, which are very effective means of enhancing customer value.

6 To develop and consolidate new and old customers. What we are looking for is a long-term and stable cooperative relationship. The key is to continuously satisfy our customers. Strengthening customers is a long-term and complex task. The following methods can be adopted: Improve employee loyalty. If we want to increase the loyalty of external customers, the first thing to do is to make internal customers one by one employees become more loyal. Only loyal workers can enable customers to provide the most efficient service and improve customer satisfaction. To make employees loyal, we should pay attention to the needs of employees and create a good environment. Build corporate culture. Make employees more satisfied.

Create a service brand. Creating a service brand is an effective way for us to expand the market and achieve development, and is also of great significance to consolidating customers. Use effective means to give the brand new vitality, maintain the status of the brand, and increase the brand's visibility.

Development of new service products. Eliminate non-market products. Perfecting products with development potential and developing new service products3 This not only brings new customers to enterprises, but also makes existing customers more loyal.

The development of new customers for us is related to the development of the head (continued from page 9). As the armature rotates and cuts the magnetic lines, a reverse voltage is generated. When the reverse voltage rises from zero to the suction voltage of the relay, the relay closes. Short circuit the current-limiting resistance, the tool works at normal speed, and the whole process only needs. 6O.Hs. Current usage: products such as series-excited electric tool angle grinder, grinding wheel cutting machine, etc.

10 Major events such as the application of electronic deceleration technology. The methods are as follows: use perfect service system to attract customers, optimize service facility configuration and achieve the purpose of attracting customers; and improve service operation system. Establish service personnel management, quality assurance, customer complaint handling and other systems to standardize the operation process. Improve the quality of training personnel r (2) Use advertising, personnel sales, public relations and other promotional methods to win customers. Take sales promotion as an example. It is the oldest way of promotion and promotion. Although there are limitations, there are many advantages. Personnel promotion is a promotional method for two-way communication. It can not only convey the relevant information of the products we tested to customers, but also understand the information that customers need to test the products. Experts can also be used to answer questions. Trouble-shooting and problem-solving and other ways to establish a good cooperative relationship with customers. In short. We must maximize the rational development and utilization of controllable resources and available resources, and improve performance and cost control to a new height, so as to achieve the purpose of developing new customers and consolidating old customers.

7 Formulate pricing strategies We provide quality services at the lowest possible price. Generally, the necessary and sufficient service level is set first. Then, the service system is constructed at a lower cost. The price limit is determined by the cost, and the bottom limit is determined by the value of the product to the customer. The competitor ’s factor is an important factor that must be considered when determining the actual price. Guided by profit maximization, our goal of maximizing profit is the most common situation. Pricing with this target must be analyzed through breakeven on the premise of a clear understanding of costs.

Customer-oriented, in order to attract or motivate customers, the price we set may be lower than competitors, and may even be lower than its own operating costs for a short period of time.

When removing screws or bolts, the tool requires a low speed. High torque, and the wrench or screwdriver using a series-excited motor reduces the torque while reducing the speed. It is more difficult to remove the screws or bolts, especially the rusty large screws or bolts, which is more difficult to remove. Road reducer automatically increases the voltage when the load of the series-excited motor decelerates, so that the motor still maintains a large torque, so that it can easily remove the bolts or screws. Current usage: series-excited power tool wrenches, screwdrivers, etc.

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