The 8th LED Industry Summit Forum continues to be alive - Theme Conference III, IV

[High-tech LED News] On August 31, the 8th LED Industry Summit Forum will enter the second day. The conference will focus on Theme III " LED Lighting Design and Application Engineering - Decisive Segmentation" and Theme IV " LED Lighting Market - Red Sea Expand with the Blue Ocean .

In the morning the debut of the theme of the meeting â…¢ "LED lighting design and application engineering - segments of winning", Professor Li Tienan China Academy of Building Research Architecture Research Office first discusses the optical elements of architectural landscape lighting design from the perspective of art and humanity. He believes that landscape lighting design is a work that combines technology and art to achieve lighting effects through art. The improvement of lighting effect requires designers to continuously improve their personal qualities and have a higher aesthetic quality. Of course, it is not that the designers are required to have the same level as the aesthetic masters, but that they should have the way of thinking of the esthetician to understand the architecture and understand the landscape. Only on the basis of understanding the architecture and landscape, the lighting designer can learn from each other and make a second creation.

Professor Li Tienan, Director of Architectural Optics Research Office, China Academy of Building Research

Professor Li criticized the phenomenon of “the macro is not macroscopic, the microscopic is not microscopic” in many cities in China. The night lighting planning is often the rendering of night lighting, rather than the macro design. This caused the city's relevant management departments to purchase lamps and install fixtures after ignoring the so-called "night lighting plan renderings", ignoring several of them. Such a city night lighting plan can not only play the role of planning the overall lighting of the city, scientifically and reasonably lighting the city, but sometimes it will cause repeated construction and waste of resources.

Chief Engineer Mr. Sichuan Sony source Rowan are introduced in different design points mall area illumination angle illumination from psychology. Luo Wenzheng mentioned that different illuminances and color temperatures have different psychological responses to people. The spatial impression is determined by the environmental impression of color temperature and illuminance. Only by considering the light distribution balance according to the business philosophy of the store, can we create a personalized store space.

Mr. Luo Wenzheng, Chief Engineer of Sichuan Xinli Light Source Co., Ltd.

The light in the store space can be considered from the two directions of "light of space" that reflects the overall impression of the space and "light of goods" that effectively display the effect of the product. In the store lighting, the three lighting elements of ambient lighting, commodity lighting and decorative lighting are matched with each other, and corresponding lighting plans conforming to the concept of the store are adopted.

Beijing Institute of Architectural Design lighting studio lighting designer always see Mr. Zheng Wei to form interior LED lighting designed with the case were analyzed in order to change the LED light space theme, LAN to LAN Club Beijing as an example, so that we understand the innovation The lighting design can create a theater-like atmosphere with lamps with stage concentrating effects. When you are in the room, the feeling of restlessness will sneak away, but as if you are on the stage, they can be either the audience under the stage or the stage. Part of the plot and presents a stunning and comfortable visual experience.

Mr. Zheng Jianwei, Chief Lighting Designer, Lighting Studio, Beijing Institute of Architectural Design

In addition, Zheng Jianwei will also focus on the analysis of automotive lighting design, not only sharing the turn signals, high beam lights and flash modes of different cars, but also the style and temperament reflected in it.

Mr. Li Zhijun Shanghai Yaming Lighting Co., Ltd. Technical Director give us a lighting control system retrofit applications, the control system of the tubular skylight of warehouse space environment, production lines, assembly, sensors and industrial lighting, lighting control technology in photocell A speech with a high volume of gold.

Mr. Li Zhijun, Technical Director of Shanghai Yaming Bulb Factory Co., Ltd.

Mr. Zhang Hong, director of semiconductor lighting technology laboratory Photoelectron Products Supervision and Inspection Center (NOPIS) should consider the commercialization of LED lamps from the use of objects, use of the environment, the user needs, cost, technology, and production processes and other laboratory products differentiate. Different test items are determined according to the different types of lamps. The test items should cover the light, color, heat, electricity, safety, electromagnetic compatibility, and life of the lamps, and make a comprehensive evaluation.

Mr. Zhang Hong, Technical Director, Semiconductor Lighting Laboratory, National Optoelectronic Information Product Supervision and Inspection Center (NOPIS)

Finally, we will explain in detail the CLEAR program (China's CALiPER project) jointly launched by the High-tech LED Industry Research Institute and the testing organization.

Mr. Wang Xiaoming Shanghai street management center construction director brings LED lights comparison evaluation section 2010 and 2011. The results show:
In 2011, the luminosity maintenance rate of LED lamps was more than 99%, accounting for 54%;
In 2010, the lumen maintenance rate of 1500h LED lamps was greater than 95%, accounting for 7%.
In 2011, the color temperature of LED lamps was less than 5000K, accounting for 27%;
In 2010, the color temperature of LED lamps was less than 5000K, accounting for 17%.

Mr. Wang Xiaoming, Director of Engineering Construction Department of Shanghai Street Light Management Center

At the same time, Wang Xiaoming suggested that the development of LED street lamps should face the actual standards, life expectancy ≥ 25000h; color temperature should be ≤ 5000K; color rendering index should be determined according to the use of occasions.

The last theme IV " LED Lighting Market - Red Sea and Blue Ocean" officially debuted at 14:00 on the same day . Although it was the last one, the venue was still full and enough to see the industry's enthusiasm for this forum.

Theme IV "LED Lighting Market - Red Sea and Blue Ocean" Conference Site

The first guest to speak was Mr. Zhou Xuejun, Marketing Director of Philips Lumileds Asia . He believes that the positioning of the brand is to some extent sacrifice some things, and the choice of differentiated products is to let others see you and see your products. The choice of the market segment or the whole industry chain depends on the company's capital, whether the company chooses to be a high-end brand or a low-end brand. It is based on the matching of its own channels and products. Depends on the competitive environment in which it is located.

Mr. Zhou Xuejun, Marketing Director, Philips Lumileds Asia

Mr. Guan Yong, general manager of Zhejiang Sunshine Lighting & Electrical Group Co., Ltd. issued the most extensive future of home lighting market argument. Officials believe that the penetration rate of LED lighting will be able to gradually surpass energy-saving lamps after 2012. In all areas of application, the core issue is whether the quality of light can be replaced. The parameters of contrast and color temperature are most valued. In all segments, home lighting is more concerned about price, and outdoor lighting is more sensitive to operating expenses. Commercial lighting requires a higher shape for the lamp, and is not very demanding for life. If the EMC mode is used, the recycling period is more demanding. The use of EMC mode is not common in direct procurement and EMC models.

Mr. Guan Yong, General Manager of Zhejiang Sunshine Lighting Group Co., Ltd.

Samsung China Sales Director Mr. Tang Naibin LED lighting believe that the main factors affecting the price of LED lighting penetration include traditional lighting and LED lighting is poor, driving up the sales price of the terminal, the promotion of national policies related to subsidies, the state "incandescent" embargo and The marketing strength of large enterprises and other aspects. The National Development and Reform Commission estimates that by the end of 2015, China's LED lighting penetration rate will reach 20%. It is widely estimated that by 2015, China's outdoor LED lighting penetration rate will reach 60%~80%, indoor commercial LED lighting penetration rate will reach 25%~30%, indoor home LED lighting penetration rate will be about 5%~10%, the overall Chinese market. LED lighting penetration will reach or even exceed 20%.

Mr. Tang Naibin, Sales Director of Samsung LED Lighting China

Mr. Zhang, director of industry-standard LED Engineering Research Institute analyzes the status of Chinese LED lighting market in the first half of 2011, he shared the survey data for everyone, in the first half of 2011, China LED light bulb production more than 60 million; 76% of the global LED Light bulbs are produced in China , LED bulbs are mainly exported, and exports account for more than 82%. He expects China's LED bulb production to exceed 150 million in 2011.

Mr. Zhang Hongbiao, Research Director, Gaogong LED Industry Research Institute

With the completion of Mr. Zhang Hongbiao's speech, the 8th High-tech LED Industry Summit Forum also came to an end. Here, all the staff of Gaogong LED are very grateful to the industry for their participation and support for this summit! It is with your support that the Gaogong LED Industry Summit Forum can share with the industry for eight consecutive sessions to share with the industry that the LED industry is facing or about to face various problems and future development trends.

Here, Gaogong LED will meet you at the 9th High-tech LED Industry Summit Forum and look forward to your visit again!

Live Record: The 8th High-tech LED Industry Summit Forum kicked off in Shanghai on August 30th - Theme Conference I, II

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