GE's independent research and development of LED tunnel lighting system is 45% more energy efficient than traditional lighting

[High-tech LED News] Recently, GE's China R&D Center lighting engineering team independently developed LED tunnel lighting system, which is up to 45% more energy efficient than traditional lighting systems, and has a lifespan of up to 10 years, four times the life of traditional fluorescent lamps. It is two to three times that of traditional high-intensity gas discharge lamps.

This unique modularized LED tunnel lighting system can flexibly upgrade power from 40 to 120 watts with one or two optical module components, ie, no redesigns every 20 watts, making it easy to accommodate different tunnels. And lighting requirements for different sections within the same tunnel.

It is understood that GE currently has 200,000 sets of traditional lighting used in tunnels in major cities in China. The lighting engineering team of GE China R&D Center in Shanghai and Xi'an began to design this high-performance tunnel lighting for Chinese customers in early 2011. system.

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