The two sides reached a consensus on establishing a common standard for promoting LED lighting

Recently, the two-day Cross-Strait Information Industry and Technology Standards Forum closed for two days. Cross-strait industry representatives reached 30 consensuses in 10 areas including LED lighting, flat panel display, wireless broadband communication technology and triple play.

The forum reached three consensus committees to establish a common standard for promoting LED lighting, a common standard for solar photovoltaics and a common standard for flat panel display, and to complete consensus on the development of common standards for 3D flat panel display technology. At the same time, China Electronics Industry Standardization Technology Association and Huaju Industry Common Standards Promotion Foundation also signed three memorandums: “Promoting Common Standard Cooperation in LED Lighting”, “Promoting Cooperation between Solar PV Common Standards” and “Promoting Common Standard Cooperation in Flat Panel Display”.

Chen Ruilong, chairman of the Huaju Industry Common Standard Promotion Foundation, said that the mainland is currently the single largest market for flat panel displays in the world. LED lighting and solar photovoltaics will be the key development industries of the mainland in the next five years, and these industries are Taiwan's advantageous industries. The signing of the three memoranda will help deepen the cooperation between emerging industries across the Taiwan Straits and help Taiwanese companies expand into the mainland market.

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