What are the coarse grains that should be eaten with caution or less?

Who should eat or eat less coarse grains? What are coarse grains? Coarse grains generally refer to millet, brown rice, oats, corn, sorghum, barley, black rice, etc., and miscellaneous grains refer to soybeans, mung beans, potatoes, yam, sweet potatoes, and the like. Dietitians point out that modern people are necessary to properly ingest coarse grains every day because the food is too fine. However, you should not eat only

Industrial Touch Panel Pc with a Capacitive Touch screen, frame less /open frame, with a 3mm glass one surface.

Pre-installed with a Microsoft Windows Operating System for Use in Process Control and Manufacturing Automation Applications.

 1, Pure flat structure, Only one glass in front side, without other frame shows when it`s embedded
 2,  industrial design, heat dissipation reasonable, slim & good appearance, streamline modeling, exquisite work-craft .
 3,  All Metal case
 4, Low power consumption

Industrial Touch Panel PC

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