Full resolution of the next generation home lighting model

First, why should we explore the home lighting model?

Home lighting patterns are related to people's lifestyles. It goes without saying that the best lifestyle in modern times is resource-saving. It is in line with the sustainable development of human society and is an important part of accomplishing national energy conservation and emission reduction targets. Advocating a resource-saving lifestyle is not about people going to the life of the Puritan asceticism, but using technical means. Under the guidance of the national low-carbon development policy, the aesthetic concept, comfort requirements, and living habits that people have formed are The foundation is to promote a healthy and green home lighting model.

Second, what is the family lighting three-five model?

To be straightforward, the three-five mode of home lighting is that all lighting in the courtyards, aisles, etc. attached to the home and family are powered by 35V DC low voltage. In 2004, the author called on the use of this scientific lighting mode on the Internet, and today I feel more deeply about the necessity and urgency of implementing this lighting mode. In 2004, we installed the two-story corridor light DC low-voltage lighting system in Chengdu, and the results were very successful. We hope to promote this new lighting model, which is not limited to the corridor lights, but is applied to the lighting of the entire family. This kind of lighting mode not only benefits the modern people, but also shades the future generations.

What are the benefits of the three or three five lighting modes?

The supply voltage of all lighting lines in the home is 35V DC, and all the lights are LED lights. The LED light is directly lit with a 35V DC voltage, and no power converter is needed in the middle. The benefits are:

1. The highest security. The state stipulates that 36V is a safe voltage. In the daily life of people, the most contact is the lighting fixtures. Now there is no high voltage in the lamps that may endanger people's lives.

2. Under such a supply voltage, the LED beads are not easily damaged. In the process of production and use, the electrostatic protection of LED beads is done again. The service life of LED lamps can reach or very close to its theoretical life, which is also a resource saving.

3. Because there is no need for any power converter in the LED lighting, the lamp cost can be the lowest, the material resources are the least, there is no technical problem, the production cost is very low, and every family can purchase any type of LED lighting very cheaply. light.

4. There are many countries in the world that have directly eliminated incandescent lamps. Why? At the same brightness, its power consumption is ten times that of LED lights. However, in China, this kind of lamp is still used by many people everywhere, and some manufacturers are also mass production. The reason is very complicated. The defect of fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps is that it consumes at least twice as much power as LED lamps, and the environmental mercury and phosphorus pollution and the ultraviolet rays and high-frequency electromagnetic radiation that people are in close contact with every day are endless. Once the lighting is powered by 35V, these high-energy, high-pollution lights are naturally eliminated quickly without anyone using it.

5, in order to let children grow up healthily, the lighting of family lighting is called flickering; it is required to reduce the radiation of high-frequency electromagnetic waves in the living environment, which is conducive to the growth of the elderly in old age. These requirements are reasonable and correct. The three-five mode is DC power supply, there is no possibility of flashing lights, and there will be no electromagnetic waves or radiation generated during the lighting process. It is truly a healthy green lighting system.

Fourth, how to do the family three-five lighting mode?

1. The lighting lines in the home must be laid separately and used with special sockets. Nowadays, the average household has independent power distribution boxes. The lighting lines, outlet power supply lines, and air-conditioning power supply lines are all separated, and they do not interfere with each other.

2. The 35V DC power supply is sent to the lighting circuit, which is completed by the designated manufacturer's special switching power supply. The technical indicators are very excellent and easy to monitor. The maximum power of 300W is enough for an ordinary home lighting. According to the test results of our tests, the power consumption of ordinary household lighting using LED lights is difficult to exceed 150W.

3, LED bead production enterprises, should improve the technical parameters of LED, first: try to improve the luminous efficiency of the bead, explore the more advanced scientific white light illumination method of light beads, the current LED light potential mining is still promising. Second: Under the premise of minimizing the power consumption of the bead, increase the working voltage of the bead, from the current 3.2V to 6.4V or even higher, so that the working current of the bead is greatly reduced. Third: Parallel transient voltage suppression diode (TVS) inside the bead makes it a standard configuration for LEDs. Based on years of experience in using LEDs and our repeated comparison tests, the most common cause of LED early failure is electrostatic breakdown. Static electricity is easy to produce, and the effective measure for static electricity protection is to connect the LED parallel transient voltage suppression diode. Why is it easy for the manufacturer to leave it to the user?

4, LED lighting at 35V voltage, only need to use the resistor for current sharing, the minimum required components in the lamp. LED lighting is not afraid of fast opening or closing, it can be convenient for dimming, remote control and so on. The lighting manufacturer pays attention to the appearance quality of the lamps. In addition to utilizing the shape of the existing lamps, it is necessary to develop new varieties to meet the needs of different levels and different groups of people. LED lighting has less power conversion part, and it can be compared with energy-saving lamps in price, and energy-saving lamps can be completely eliminated with excellent cost performance.

5, can not do without the support of relevant national policies, should be inclined to the LED lamp industry in terms of taxation, implementation standards, subsidies, etc. If the multi-disciplinary argument can no longer find better than this lighting mode, it should be publicized and promoted in an advanced and healthy green lighting mode, and it will be implemented sooner or later in the form of legislation. Discuss QQ

What benefits will the five and three-five lighting models bring to the family and society?

1. The most direct economic benefit for the family is that the initial cost of purchasing LED lights is expected to drop sharply. It is not necessary to maintain frequent maintenance lights to save the family a lot of expenses, and the monthly electricity cost is drastically reduced. Xiao Yan. Secondly, it can eliminate the biggest safety concerns of the family. There is no high voltage that can cause danger to people's lives. There is no ultraviolet and high-frequency electromagnetic radiation. There is no so-called glare and light flicker. It is expected to be in line with the human eye. The high-quality lighting of the characteristics, no need to worry when the children play, the switch that all the contacts in the family can be low voltage, use them to control the high-voltage electrical appliances.

2. After this step is realized, we can reduce the voltage of all the appliances in the home such as TV, computer, audio, DVD, etc., and cancel the power converter inside these appliances, and directly use 35V voltage. The waste of energy can be greatly reduced, the resources of various non-ferrous metals can be saved, and the cost of using electrical appliances can be reduced by 20~30%. These are definitely not dreams.

3. The social benefits brought about by the company are: the national sustainable development has further specific operational targets, and has a clear goal for the completion of energy conservation and emission reduction tasks. It can save a lot of metal materials and imported power devices and other material resources and a large amount of human resources.

4. There are more and more people using fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps in their homes or offices. Energy-saving lamps do save a lot of electricity compared to incandescent lamps, but the negative effects they bring can not be ignored. The more serious one is that it Pollution and electromagnetic radiation from the power grid. The state has very strict technical standards and specifies clear test values ​​for the EMI indicators of electronic ballasts. However, almost all of the products that are actually sold in the market are those that do not have any EMI protection at all. Why? It is cheap. As the saying goes: It is easy to catch ghosts! The author is engaged in product development and development. Now, to develop electronic products, more than double the cost to meet the EMI indicators in national standards, and test space electromagnetic radiation in power grids and homes. Really scare people. The fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps for home lighting use the principle of fluorescent light. First, there is mercury, and then the mercury molecules are excited to step out the ultraviolet light of 254 nm. The ultraviolet light is absorbed by the phosphor on the tube wall to emit visible light. There are three sources of pollution in the middle: mercury-mercury, ultraviolet light, and phosphor. If the lamp is not coated with phosphor on the wall of the tube, it is a disinfectant lamp used in hospitals. It can be seen that this ultraviolet light is harmful to the human body. In normal times, energy-saving lamps and fluorescent lamps inevitably have leakage of ultraviolet light during use. After the lamps are used, they are discarded because they have no recycling value, which will cause mercury pollution and phosphorus pollution that are difficult to eliminate in the environment.

5, there will be a lot of inferior LED lights on the market. The author found in the lighting market that most of the LED lights use the capacitive step-down method. If these lights are really connected to the mains power grid in large quantities, the harm is very great. It may cause the final collapse of the power grid caused by the self-excited oscillation of the power grid. The damage is quite large. I have seen a lot of cases in this case. Some people really want to use this kind of lamp in a wide range, which really causes the power system to be paralyzed. . It’s not that their courage is too big, but that they don’t understand it and they don’t expect it to have such a result. If the three-five lighting mode is implemented, these inferior capacitor step-down lamps are naturally eliminated.

6. The three-five lighting mode can bring very obvious economic benefits to the family. According to our calculation, it takes only one year to one and a half years, and the average family can recover the initial installation and procurement costs through the savings of electricity. Invest. At the same time, the quality of life that brings happiness and well-being to family members cannot be compared with money. The most important thing is that it can save the society a lot of physical resources and leave some material basis for our future generations to survive.

6. Difficulties and prospects of implementing the three-five family lighting model

Existing difficulties:

1, white LED lights now there are still many technical problems have not been resolved, more urgent is: 1, light decay is serious; 2, the light effect is still relatively low. If these problems cannot be broken through in technology as soon as possible, the prospect of white LED lights is not very optimistic. The author has been in contact with white LEDs for a relatively long time. It is the first person in China to apply it to corridor lighting and promote its application in many places. In the long-term application of LED, the author deeply felt that the damage mechanism of LED is very complicated, and the reasons for its formation are also various. The author has done a lot of research, and the published research papers can be found online.

1), LED is a voltage-sensitive device, a slight voltage change will cause a great change in the LED current, and the increase in current will cause the temperature of the LED chip to rise. If the chip is in a high temperature for a long time, it will cause it to decay. Therefore, the LED lamp is suitable for constant current source power supply. The trouble is that the constant current source cost is much higher than the constant voltage source, and the range of use is narrow. At the engineering site, the constant voltage source is generally used as the power supply for the LED.

2) LED is a temperature-sensitive device. As the temperature increases, the operating current of the LED will increase rapidly. These increased current will increase the temperature of the device chip and cause a further increase in the LED current. This is a vicious circle. the process of. If there is no protective intervention, the LED is quickly burned down during this vicious cycle.

3), LED is easily damaged by static electricity, this damage is often invisible, difficult to find, and can not be detected. Static electricity is easy to produce and its voltage is relatively high. Therefore, LEDs are required to wear anti-static clothing and gloves during the production process, and must use anti-static tools to operate in an anti-static environment. It is forbidden to use bare fingers to touch the LED beads or the finished LED plates. The reason is that in addition to the rust of the device leads, the key is to avoid the damage of the static electricity to the LED. However, according to our investigation, most manufacturers who manufacture LED light sources are not aware of the harmfulness of static electricity, and have not taken necessary protective measures during the production and inspection of LEDs.

4), the author believes that at the level of household lighting, the current situation is not the development direction of LED, the reasons are:

1, the price is still relatively high, it is far from the actual market expectations.

2, the current power consumption is still a bit high, the heat is very powerful, mainly because the internal heat of the chip is difficult to conduct in time and is dispersed.

3. Its small size is called a point source. It just happens to be a problem: as a illuminator, people naturally have to look at it with their eyes, and it may hurt your eyes. The solution that many manufacturers solve is to install an optical system. This is not a good solution. It increases the size and cost, and the optical system cannot be installed in many lamps.

4, its drive current is large but the working voltage is very low, the requirements for the drive power supply are very demanding, and the cost brings pressure.

5, its color temperature is too high, the light looks cold and uncomfortable. Although there are warm white varieties, their light efficiency has dropped too much.

Therefore, it is still difficult for high-power LEDs to provoke heavy burdens in home lighting. It is recommended to use φ5 low power LED beads. The heat generated by this bead can be completely conducted through the pin, and it is expected that its light efficiency can be greatly improved.

2. Building standards are a difficulty. At present, the lighting voltage in the national building standard is 220V. If other voltage lines are installed, the entire building may be rejected. Therefore, the Ministry of Construction and Construction is strongly urged to carry out expert argumentation, adopt the pilot method to gradually promote the three-five low-voltage lighting mode, and then incorporate the low-voltage lighting mode into the national standard so that it can be promoted throughout the country and make it benefit the society as soon as possible.

3, sockets and other accessories is a difficulty. Low-voltage plugs must be significantly different from plugs that use 220V and cannot be interchanged. This still needs the support of the corresponding national standards.

4. The inertia that humans have is a difficulty. Many people are not used to being unwilling to try new energy-saving lifestyles. They always think that the new way will bring inconvenience, but it is a misunderstanding. People can gradually eliminate doubts through pilot trials.

Future prospects:

Philips Electronic Devices recently introduced a new concept LED lamp called "Super Light Bulb" that consumes 9.7 watts and has a service life of 250,000 hours (no mistake, 250,000). Its brightness is the same as that of a 60-watt incandescent lamp. The light won the $10 million Grand Prix of the famous 2011 "Lighting Tomorrow" competition in the United States. This "super bulb" works by installing an LED bead that emits 273.5 nm of ultraviolet light inside the bulb. This ultraviolet light directly excites the trichromatic phosphor sprayed on the outer wall of the bulb to emit visible light. It does not require mercury as an intermediary, and it is not only efficient but also polluting. This type of lamp requires a low-voltage drive, which is inherently the source of the next-generation home lighting model that the author is trying to advocate. This kind of lamp writer has tried it before the year, but has a launch.

273.5nm ultraviolet LED beads are too expensive in China. Now this product of Philips Electronic Equipment Co., the author of the United States believes that the future of LED lights is here! It is entirely possible to produce LED light beams emitting 273.5nm ultraviolet light in large quantities and cheaply. Some people will continue to try when there is demand. With the breakthrough of technology and the progress of manufacturing technology, this "super light bulb" will soon be popular in China.

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