Matsushita Electric will launch LED units for thinning and power saving signs in December

[High-tech LED News] Japan's Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. will launch a LED unit for signage that will enable the signage to be thinned and saved in December. The unit includes the "wide light distribution type" used for internal lighting signs and the use of light source exposed signs. Two light distribution type" two series. There are 15 models and 18 models respectively.

The wide light distribution type used in the interior lighting signage features a wide-angle light distribution and ultra-thin LED module newly developed using autonomous optical design technology. The wide-angle light distribution realizes a light-emitting surface with less spot, and the module thickness is reduced to about half of the current product, reaching the smallest 1cm in the industry. The unit can be configured in a range of up to 25 cm according to the required brightness. By reducing the number of LEDs, power consumption can be reduced and power saving can be achieved. At the same time, it has introduced four colors, such as daylight color and bulb color, on the basis of the current white color, which has been increased to five colors. In addition to signs, it can also be applied to architectural lighting.

The dual light distribution type used for the exposed sign of the light source is suitable for text labels such as company name signs which mostly use neon lights. By using a self-developed dual light distribution lens, the light-emitting area of ​​a single LED can be increased, thereby reducing the number of uses and reducing power consumption. After adding 9 colors this time, it is added to the current 7 colors, and the color type is expanded to 16 colors. The color is the same as the neon tube and can meet a wide range of requirements.

Auto Tail & Licence Plate Light

Tail light is a red light on the back of a car that makes it possible for the vehicle to be seen in the dark. Licence plate light bright sign on a vehicle that shows its registration number. The rear lights are shown in the front of the car in front of the vehicle and show the location of the two workshops, so they are mounted on both sides of the vehicle. Japan's safety regulations are the same as those of European standard ECE7. The light intensity near the center is 4~12 CD and the light color is red. 1. With sufficient light intensity, the car taillight can clearly distinguish the signal from the driver or pedestrian of other vehicles even in bright sunlight. 2, night driving, tail lights light will not produce glare to other vehicle drivers or pedestrians and uncomfortable feeling As the ideal tail lights should have the following characteristics: (1) high luminous intensity and reasonable distribution of light intensity; (2) fast forward time of luminous rise; (3) long life, no maintenance, low energy consumption; (4) strong switch durability; (5) good impact resistance.

Auto Tail & Licence Plate Light

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