Games or into the office main force Raytheon ST Pro evaluation

IT168 evaluation With the complete lifting of the NVDIA 10 Series Pascal graphics card, the first games equipped with the new GTX 10 Series gaming graphics cards have finally been released to the public, including many game makers including ASUS Player Kingdom, Shenzhou Ares, MSI and Raytheon. Introduced mid-year masterpieces, high-end games equipped with countless top and bottom 10 series graphics cards were unveiled. Xiao Bian is brought to you today is the well-known gaming brand Raytheon in the near future will be listed on a high-end gaming version - Raytheon ST Pro, based on Raytheon Cannon ST new upgrade of Raytheon ST Pro what will happen Inheritance and change, let us officially open today's evaluation, to witness the performance of the 10 series graphics card for the notebook.

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1. The first NVDIA 10 Series GTX 1060 graphics card game is provided;

2, seven-color DIY keyboard backlight, highlighting player personality;

3, the game-based business, office and entertainment are correct;

4, double heat outlet, excellent heat dissipation.


The lower edge of the A face is slightly stroked.

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Raytheon ST Pro: Advanced Small Steel Cannon ST Game Office Dual Use to Create New Trends

Focus of evaluation: Introduction to the dual-use trend of packaging, top cover, screen, and game office, interface

Friends familiar with Raytheon must have made it clear that Raytheon just released its annual new Raytheon Cannon ST 3 months ago -- a full-scale release of the GTX 965M indie game graphics card into a 14-inch notebook and Raytheon Cannon. It indicates that the game player can really have a 14-inch gaming notebook with strong performance, just as the slogan of Raytheon Cannon ST was released, "It is very bitter, but it never gave up."

( Packaging ) At the first sight of the ST Cannon, Xiao Bian knew that the machine was definitely an upgraded version of the Raytheon Cannon ST. The same packaging box was still very memorable. “It was very bitter but never gave up. "The four words are still recalled in front of the ear; but compared to the Raytheon Cannon ST three months ago, this time we are not too bitter, at least not far from the exposure and the official release, while the Nvidia blockade 10 The period of time when the graphics card was used may be the best buffer period.

( Top cover ) From the appearance of the A side, Raytheon ST Pro is undoubtedly a continuation of the previous generation of products, but the top surface of the A surface adopts a smooth plane, but not always a slightly raised design style, but three tough ridges , Raytheon's iconic logo, still slightly angled edges and corners still show the world the classic shape of Thor gaming. The matte gray body surface is more comfortable to handle, and the black composite material area directly under the A cap cover ensures good transmission of wireless network signals such as WiFi.

( Screen ) Open the top cover, we can see Raytheon ST Pro uses a 15.6-inch 1080P full HD matte display with good image quality and sharp definition, although the games that are equipped with GTX 1070 or 1080 graphics cards are now In the pursuit of 4K display, but from the comprehensive results of the recent Xiaobian test 10 series video card game, 10 series mobile video card is better equipped with a 1080P screen, regardless of the game screen fluency or the player's economic costs , despite NVDIA this One of the main selling points is indeed the 4K game.

( Introduction to the game and office dual-use trend ) Before we introduce the keyboard surface, we show you the interface design of the machine: According to the IDC market survey, most ordinary game players use only 30% of the time each week for games, and the remaining 70%. Time is used for office or home, so as a high-performance game, office is also one of its essential functions. This is also one of the trends that the ThinkPad and Raytheon show to the user about the future development of the game PC. Dual use is undoubtedly an important development trend of the PC industry in the future. A single product feature may not be highly recognized in the future, and the interface is undoubtedly one of the necessary hardware conditions for the game.

( Interface ) interface, Raytheon ST Pro has a relatively complete interface design, the left side of the fuselage contains HDMI interface, USB 3.0, and two mini DP interface.

The right side of the fuselage is relatively more, including the notebook lock, network cable socket, USB 3.0 interface, two USB 3.1 TYPE C interface, SD card socket, SIM card socket, and three audio input and output interfaces.

In addition, the back of the fuselage also includes a power charging port and USB 3.0 interface.

Raytheon ST Pro: Seven-color adjustable backlit keyboard brings extraordinary visual impact

Focus of evaluation: keyboard, touchpad, speaker

Next to show everyone is Raytheon ST Pro one of the characteristics of design - seven-color keyboard backlight.

( Keyboard ) Before displaying the colorful keyboard backlight of this machine formally, show some basic performances of the keyboard of the machine for everybody: Raytheon ST Pro adopts the chocolate full keyboard design, the design provided with the numeric keypad provides users with more comfortable In the typing environment, the surface of the keycap is treated with a skin-type coating, which is comfortable to touch and is not easily contaminated with fingerprints. In terms of keystrokes, the Raytheon ST Pro has a deep keystroke and a high resilience, and the overall press feel is very good. It is suitable for long-term typing. This undoubtedly laid the foundation for the commercial use of the aircraft .

Raytheon ST Pro default backlight color is blue, but Raytheon intimately designed a matching keyboard set for the game player built-in software, the software mainly consists of combination of function keys and backlit keyboard settings two functions, followed by witnessing the moment of discoloration.

First of all, for everyone to bring the combination of function key setting function, not repeat them here.

With regard to the keyboard backlight setting function, the user can arbitrarily match the keyboard backlight color according to his preferences, and is divided into three major areas from left to right. In addition, the machine also provides users with three settings for archiving, and the user can quickly switch according to mood, which is very convenient. , Next for everyone to show under the small series of keyboard backlight color it.

What kind of swollen? There are wood look good, like a variety of keyboard backlight friends quickly buy it, so many backlighting with a total of a suitable for your taste. It is worth mentioning that, in the standby mode, the seven-color backlight is automatically cycled and can be said to be a new generation of keyboard protection.

( Touchpad ) Raytheon ST Pro still uses the separate touchpad design commonly used in game games. Unlike many manufacturers who use smooth touch surfaces and frosted keys, the machine uses a touch surface and a smooth surface with a matte finish. The button design is precisely the opposite of what is happening and the overall experience is relatively good. Both the matte surface and the smooth keys are not easily contaminated with fingerprints, making them easier to use. The overall sensitivity of the touchpad is high, and it does not cause inadvertent touch when used, which is more convenient.

( Speaker ) Raytheon ST Pro is still designing the speaker unit near the C-surface rotation axis in order to provide users with a sound experience from the surface; Raytheon still chooses to cooperate with ONKYO. As the famous audio manufacturer in Japan, ONKYO has been adhering to it. The core philosophy of presenting music to users in the purest manner provides companies and individuals with numerous excellent audio solutions. In terms of actual sound effects, whether it is public broadcasting music or game background sound, the experience is still very good.

Raytheon ST Pro: powerful basic hardware performance 3D running almost equal to GTX 980

Focus of evaluation: graphics card, CPU, memory, hard disk

Graphics Card : Newly Upgraded GTX 1060

NVDIA GTX 1060 information list: memory 6G, memory particles are Samsung's, the specific performance we will use 3D mark 11 to bring more show.

The 3D mark 11 P score is 10164. Can I say that the score is similar to the desktop GTX 980? This undoubtedly represents the strength of NVDIA's latest Pascal architecture and 16nm process. More than 10,000 high scores to drive most of the network or stand-alone games on the market are not a problem.

The 3D mark 11 X score of 4979 also proves the above result. We will also show you the actual video game performance for the specific graphics performance test.


I7-6700HQ processor test score is 6677

Next, we use the CineBench R15 version to test the CPU performance of this machine . CineBench is a very convincing set of CPU and graphics test systems, the latest is the R15 version. Compared to up to 16 cores in the R11.5 version, the R15 version can support up to 256 logic cores. In addition, this version also enhances the investigation of shaders, anti-aliasing, shadows, lights, and reflection blur, as well as CPU performance. The test is more accurate.

From the test results of CPU-Z and CineBench R15, we can see that the performance of the i7-6700HQ processor is between the 3.3GHz third generation I7-3960K desktop processor and the fourth generation I7-4770K desktop processing. Between the devices, it is also proved that Intel's sixth-generation skylake core architecture has a great performance improvement, this processor is no pressure for the daily office.

Memory :

Next, we tested the memory and CPU cache performance of this machine through AIDA64. AIDA64 is a tool for testing hardware and software system information. It can display detailed information on every aspect of the PC. The AIDA64 not only provides features such as assisting overclocking, hardware debugging, stress testing, and sensor monitoring, but it also provides a comprehensive assessment of processor, system memory, and disk drive performance. From the above figure, we can see that Raytheon ST Pro 16G DDR4's large high-speed memory and CPU cache performance is quite good.

Hard disk :

The average read speed of the 512G large SSD is 353.3M/s, which is quite impressive.

Finally, still choose the PC mark 7 test score of the town house, the performance of the 5783 shows the GTX 1060 10 series graphics card and I7-6700HQ powerful.

Raytheon ST Pro: Double-up Game Performance Verification NV 10 Series Graphics Card

Focus of evaluation: Tomb Raider 9 and Far Cry 3

Tomb Raider 9

Game settings: 1080P highest quality vertical sync anti-aliasing

In terms of game configuration, "Tomb Raider 9" is quite "low end" compared to the previous "Assassin's Creed 5: Revolution". This can be easily seen from the time of release. However, the release of "Tomb Raider 9" gave NVIDIA many negative influences. The Tomb Raider 9 released for sale in March 2013 is Lara's return to the game. For AMD, it is a small test sword for TressFX hair-rendering technology, and it is a big cup for NVIDIA. "The average frame rate, the minimum frame rate, and the picture stability of the player's feedback were very bad. Even NVIDIA officials once apologized.

Tomb Raider 9 is a cross-platform series of action games developed by Crystal Dynamics and distributed by Square Enix. This focuses on Laura's youthful period, abandoning the previous settings for Super Girl, and players can see a more realistic image of Laura in the game. Due to the upgrading of the engine, this work will have a better picture than the previous work. It is the most transformative work in the Tomb Raider series.

The overall operation of Tomb Raider 9 is very smooth. In the case of full 1080P high-definition, vertical synchronization and other special effects, Raytheon ST Pro games have an FPS value of 57.6. The quality of the game is clear. GTX 980M, but still lower than the desktop-class GTX 980, the performance is worthy of recognition, but also indirectly affirmed the strength of the 10 Series Pascal architecture and 16nm core.

Crysis 3

Game settings: 1080P highest quality vertical synchronization sawtooth open

"Crysis 3" is one of the first-person shooter games developed by German game developer Crytek. It was launched more than a year and a half earlier than the two games previously tested. It was released on February 19, 2013 in Europe and America. . Crysis 3 is the third and final part of the trilogy of Crysis. The story of Crysis 3 takes place after Crysis 2 was written. New York City has been wrapped up in a city in the middle of the Nanodome. It has become a rainforest, covered with trees, lush swamps, and turbulent rivers. It has become seven different. And the unpredictable environment.

From the game recommended configuration point of view, "Crysis 3" parameter configuration and "Far Cry 4" is very close. Crytek has developed its own form of anti-aliasing (MLAA) called "Enhanced Sub-Pixel Morphology Anti-Aliasing" (SMAA), which combines AMD post-processing form anti-aliasing and multiple sampling (MSAA), super-sampling (SSAA) anti-aliasing, etc. Multiple technologies, as well as temporal reprojections, claim to bring "better overall picture quality than previous technologies, very close to MSAA and SSAA, while maintaining extremely fast processing speeds." Somewhat similar to NVIDIA TXAA, but the latter only supports Kepler architecture.

Crysis 3 offers 1x, 2x, and 4x SMAA options for single-GPU systems, and multiplex GPUs only have 2x SMAA. Different anti-aliasing comparisons can be seen, FXAA is more like a blur filter, TXAA works best but at the cost of a very fuzzy texture, SMAA is like a compromise, sawtooth is removed well, and the texture is kept relatively well. Therefore we choose the default SMAA as the test environment.

The first generation of "Crysis" is a milestone in the history of graphics cards and is an absolute "graphics killer." The second generation ignored the PC version because of landing on the host platform, resulting in a lot of criticism. "Crysis 3" has risen again, bringing a more outstanding picture and a consistent fighting experience. The highest quality is also very cruel for high-end hardware, but the good news is that the lowest quality is not bad, even better than most other games, and even the mid-range Radeon HD 7750, GeForce The GTX 650 can also run smoothly at 1080p resolution. Raytheon ST Pro has a very high FPS value of 38.5 for the mobile terminal when the special effect is on.

Raytheon ST Pro: Dual heat vents for excellent heat dissipation

In the formal temperature and pressure test before we take a look at the machine's heat outlet, first brought to everyone is Raytheon ST Pro's rear heat outlet, the air outlet is located in the left rear position of the body shaft.

Another heat vent location is on the left side of the classic fuselage.

Raytheon ST Pro bases many heat sinks

Next, we use AIDA64 for "baking" tests, which are temperature and pressure tests or system stability tests. AIDA64 is a tool for testing hardware and software system information. It can display detailed information on every aspect of the PC. The AIDA64 not only provides features such as assisting in overclocking, hardware debugging, stress testing, and sensor monitoring, but it also provides a comprehensive evaluation of processor, system memory, and disk drive performance.

Before temperature and pressure test

30 minutes temperature pressure end

We used the AIDA64 to perform a “bake machine test”. This test will bring all the hardware share to 100%. After 30 minutes of testing, we use the thermal imager to test the temperature of the machine. Let's take a look at the machine's Specific heat performance. It is worth mentioning that the default state of the last two hard drives and graphics cards of the test is not checked, but in the actual operation, the heat of the graphics card and hard disk is also very important, so we must remember to check before the actual test. .

Thermal Imager Temperature Test Distribution Results

In the actual test process, we can clearly feel that the left side of the machine cooling outlet air flow is larger, while the left side of the rear outlet shaft wind speed is relatively slow, the overall cooling effect is more excellent. From the above test results, we can see that Raytheon ST Pro cooling effect is relatively good, the maximum temperature of the whole machine is only 56.5 degrees Celsius, located on the left side of the left side heat vent, and the test will adjust all the hardware occupancy To 100%, but in the actual office or game, CPU, graphics cards and other occupancy rate is far less than this, so under normal circumstances the temperature will drop a lot, the heat dissipation effect is naturally more excellent.

Evaluation summary:

As the first gaming notebook equipped with NVDIA 10 series graphics card, Raytheon ST Pro inherited the excellent quality of the previous generation of Cannon ST, further improved the game performance, and its dual-purpose policy of commercialization of the main game is for the future. The PC market pointed out the way, and the 10 series graphics card was also verified. It is believed that in the future, with the popularity of NVDIA 10 series graphics cards, various 4K games, VR games, and cloud games will be hot one after another, which will give game players higher games. enjoy.

Analysis of the trend of game and office use:

With the advent of Lenovo's ThinkPad series S5 and Raytheon ST Pro, gaming business will undoubtedly become one of the most important development trends in the PC industry in the future, and it also meets the current market trends; we mentioned that most gamers today are only It costs 30% for games, and 70% of the time for office or home use. However, many users may have questions. "Isn't the game book ready for office?"

If it is true from the standpoint of performance alone, the reason why today's PC vendors subdivide product classification, in addition to hardware, the more critical point is the product experience, for the feasibility of the game-based future office, Xiao Bian summarized the following Some important aspects:

1, the keyboard: As a successful office, typing can be said to be the most basic level, and as a deeper key game, the typing is still more comfortable than the regular office;

2, Endurance: Life is still the most critical factor in the office, and the game's high-definition large-screen, discrete graphics, high-performance CPU will limit long-term battery life, but I believe the future NVDIA and Intel will do more core hardware power consumption Low to increase long life time.

3, portable: the future mobile office will be more rapid development, so the biggest drawbacks of this game office will therefore be reflected, inconvenient to carry out will also limit the accelerated process of the game of commercialization, with the highly integrated core hardware, the future may be 14 The game will be the mainstream of office channels.

In short, the future commercialization of the game is feasible, in fact, many users have already done so today, but the official did not give an established statement, so the future with the progressive increase in gaming life and portability, 14-inch game Or become the main force in the future.

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