Samsung A-series with double-screen blue-green manufacturers do you fear?

Tencent Digital (Shuilan) When the domestic brand mobile phone began to be popular for high-end products equipped with hyperbolic screen, and as the main supplier of Samsung is prepared to decentralize this design to the mid-range products. According to a news release from the well-known news release @iIce universe on Weibo, Samsung's new GALAXY A series models introduced at the beginning of next year will be equipped with a hyperbolic screen and a Type-C interface, which means that if the news is true, then Double screens next year will not only become the trend of the industry, but also will have a new design debut, but also will certainly have a greater impact on domestic brands of product planning and layout.

Hyperbolic screen lower midrange

In the past, Samsung's hyperbolic screen products were focused on the flagship products such as the GALAXY S and Note series, but with the advent of LG hyperbolic screen panels and the introduction of similar products from other manufacturers, Samsung seems to be planning to decentralize the high-end hyperbolic screen design to China. End products to enhance market competitiveness. According to the breaking news of the famous breaking news @i ice universe on Weibo, Samsung's new GALAXY A series models launched at the beginning of next year will be equipped with a double curved screen and a Type-C interface.

Therefore, in the current case that many domestic branded mobile phones with hyperbolic screens are all high-end products, Samsung’s move will not only increase the market competitiveness of their own mid-end products, but will also have a greater impact on domestic brands of mobile phones of the same grade. Before this, in order to seize the market with middle-end mobile phones such as OPPO, vivo and Huawei, Samsung has already launched the GALAXY A series and GALAXY C series for the domestic market, and has achieved impressive results. which performed.

New A7 or starting

Although this time, the @i Ice universe did not disclose the specific model of the first Samsung A series new machine with a double curved screen design, but the 2017 Samsung GALAXY A7 that has been frequently exposed before will be the starting model. Judging from the information currently available, the 5.7-inch Super AMOLED display equipped with this machine is slightly larger than the 5.5-inch model of the 2016 model, so it is possible that the device will use a double curved screen design.

Not only that, the aircraft also confirmed that it will use the Type-C interface, and even rumored to support IP68 waterproof function, which is the first time in Samsung A series family. As for other specifications of the aircraft, the 2017 Samsung GALAXY A7 will also carry the Exynos 7880 processor, and has a 16 million pixel camera before and after, and the main camera is equipped with a F/1.9 aperture. Although it is still unclear when the specific launch date of the aircraft is concerned, it seems that all kinds of signs are likely to be launched early next year.

State Bank C Series Replacement

Some regret is that according to Samsung’s insider @Ganglan’s previous statement on Weibo, the new A series will not be sold in China, so it seems that domestic users cannot experience the new Samsung mid-range Samsung screen. "Taller" feeling. Fortunately, Samsung also prepared a GALAXY C series specifically for the domestic market to replace the A series, so it may mean that the future launch of Samsung C7 Pro and other models may also use double curved screen design.

From the information previously disclosed, the Samsung C7 Pro model SM-C7010 is also equipped with a 5.7-inch touch screen, the front and rear cameras are all 16 million pixels in the same specifications as the 2017 Samsung A7, but equipped with the processor It is alleged to be Xiaolong 626, but this may be related to the domestic market's demand for full Netcom functionality.

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