Koenigse "destroyed" the black shaft of the camshaft FreeValve?

Speaking of Königseg, I think the words you first thought of are "ghost", "half billion", "carbon fiber", "handmade".

Today, Xiaobian is talking about Königseg’s technique in the “heart” –

In a conventional internal combustion engine, a series of moving parts work together to perform work, and a camshaft is an important component.

Koenigse "destroyed" the camshaft What is FreeValve?

The main function of the camshaft in the engine is to control the opening and closing timing of the intake and exhaust valves, often at the top of the engine. However, Koenigsegg has a technology that allows the camshaft to completely disappear in the engine, and the engine can operate normally without a camshaft. This technology is called FreeValve by Königseg.

Koenigse "destroyed" the camshaft What is FreeValve?

FreeValve is a unique technology from Koenigsegg. In FreeValve, the traditional camshaft mechanism is replaced by an actuator, and each intake and exhaust valve has a separate electronically controlled actuator. The advantage of this is that the engineer can design separate opening and closing times for each valve, so as to finely control the working efficiency and power of the engine according to the actual operating conditions.

Koenigse "destroyed" the camshaft What is FreeValve?

Koenigse "destroyed" the camshaft What is FreeValve?

FreeValve and its actuators

As can be seen from the above two figures, the actuator replaces the position of the original camshaft and is mounted on each of the valves. On the actuator, there is a pneumatic spring for precise adjustment and a position sensor. The information collected by the position sensor can be used for feedback control.

Compared to conventional camshaft-mounted engines, the FreeValve engine does not require components such as a throttle body, which simplifies the internal mechanism of the engine. This technology seems to have paved the way for the future of internal combustion engine technology. However, Koenigse is not yet ready to apply the technology to every car engine on the street.

The price of the FreeValve engine is too expensive for its audience to be the Volkswagen market. Even so, one car company has begun to try to use this technology. At the 2016 Beijing Auto Show, Guanzhi launched a concept car with a FreeValve engine.

Koenigse "destroyed" the camshaft What is FreeValve?

Guanzhi equipped with FreeValve engine concept car

However, unfortunately, the concept car equipped with the FreeValve engine has not been energy-produced, but only stayed in the concept stage. However, if FreeValve technology can continue to improve in the future and prove its value is worth the value, it will also attract more interest from larger automakers.

In the future, whether the camless engine technology can be widely used in the conventional Volkswagen market is only a matter of time and money.

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