Renesas wants to release a visual chip that rivals Mobileye. How high is the rebound?

When NXP merged with Freescale at the end of 2015, it undoubtedly became the world's largest supplier of automotive chips. According to data from market research firm Strategy AnalyTIcs, the total sales of the two companies' automotive chip products was $3.9 billion, while NXP accounted for 14.2% of the $27.4 billion automotive semiconductor market last year.

But what about a more segmented market?

According to the information learned by Che Yun, Renesas Electronics' MCU/SoC products have a market share of 47% in the car cockpit segment and 44% in the dashboard segment. According to this data, Renesas is undoubtedly the world's number one in these two segments.

Masahiro Suzuki, vice president of Renesas Electronics and head of the Automotive Information Solutions Division, said in an interview with the media that "Renesas' automotive business is on the rise and is slowly reviving the market." He also attributed Renesas' "reverse attack" to the vacancy of Freescale's corresponding products (until this fall, NXP/Freescale introduced the latest i.MX8 MCU) and Texas Instruments' SoC for in-vehicle entertainment information systems. The chip - Jacinto (OMAP chip with DSP function) is also "unmanned."

Is Mobileye's competitor coming?

Suzuki once introduced the number of design-ins of automotive chip products that Renesas acquired in FY2015 to reporters. He said that the total value of these design-ins exceeds $4.5 billion if it is considered from the perspective of life cycle value.

Suzuki also pointed out that Renesas has launched a new third-generation R-Car Starter Kit for highly specialized engineers "professional community" who are engaged in software development in image recognition and human machine interface (HMI) and often use open source software. Can simplify the development of automotive Linux environment. One of the new starter kits features the new R-Car M3 System-on-Chip (SoC), while the R-Car M3 maintains software compatibility with existing high-end R-Car H3s and provides a balance of performance and cost. The platform can meet the greater demand for HMI and ADAS functions in more automotive segments.

But this is not the killer of Renesas. According to Suzuki, Renesas plans to introduce a new embedded vision processor at the CES Consumer Electronics Show in early 2017. He even described it as a product that can replace the Mobileye EyeQ series of visual SoCs. Although details such as related parameters are still confidential, Suzuki said that many OEM OEMs and TIer 1 suppliers have been expecting this product for a long time.

From the perspective of Renesas, its automotive chip business seems to have achieved very good results, especially in the hands of a large number of design-win is already in the planning, these will be delivered to customers in the next few years.

Note: Explanation of design-in and design-win

As domestic and foreign chip suppliers are now eager to provide customers with a one-off solution that includes chips, software, firmware and public boards, downstream OEMs and brand customers are usually open to new product developments. The bidding action allows all chip suppliers to compete on the same field.

Therefore, in the early days of the new product development case, there will be many chip suppliers claiming that the customer has Design-in, which is actually the meaning of the admission ticket for the new product development case. When the new product development case finally decided to adopt a solution from a specific chip supplier, then the chip supplier would indicate that its chip has been successfully Design-win, indicating that the company has successfully won the customer order.

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