Excerpt from the machine: Samsung W2017 evaluates the price of 20,000 mechanical youth

Tencent Digital (Zhong Wenze) Samsung in the high-end market can not be satisfied with the iPhone and die, after all, iOS has obvious advantages. Therefore, this South Korean manufacturer opened up new trails and developed a model that is completely aimed at the Chinese market - a flip-type dual touch screen mobile phone.

In fact, this phone is certainly not as good as millet hammer Huawei Meizu, did not want to do video, but this flip machine is like a physical keyboard phone, you do not do, after the chance is probably not done. So by feelings, I did a video evaluation of this phone.

Current Aspect:

Dual-screen practical value is high?

Flip phone Andrews how to design the three virtual keys?

Does the hardware meet the price?

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