Sharp 60SU860A TV 60 inch 4K new performance analysis

Being able to see the real world on television screens is the ultimate goal of unrelenting struggle for countless television people. Today, the display technology is continuously iteratively upgraded. We have transitioned from the HD era to the Full HD era and are now officially moving toward Ultra HD's popularity. The total number of pixels that TVs can display in front of them has risen to 8.3 million (3840*). 2160) Many people lament that the current TV resolution has reached a level that can be really delicate.

Sharp LCD-60SU860A
Sharp 60SU860A TV new trial evaluation

Indeed, TVs have experienced decades of development and have played a pivotal role in every family. People are eager to see more programs that can be seen on television. With the full coverage of cable signals and the popularity of the Internet, they can now meet a large number of people. Immediately afterwards, we began to pursue higher standards of use. We hope to enter the world of television and see images that are closer to reality. This appeal is also a source of driving display technology.

HDR technology is usually only available on high-end products
However, for the present impetuous era of information explosion, there are not many TV companies that can sink to the heart to delve into products and seriously develop innovative technologies. As a 100-year-old company in Japan, Sharp has always been adhering to the "customer first, pursuit of the ultimate" feelings for television products, and is also known as the "Father of LCD". While other manufacturers are fighting price wars, playing gimmicks and fighting marketing, Sharp still insists on the principle of priority in quality and shows extraordinary charisma and craftsmanship.

"Customer First, Pursuing the Ultimate" is Sharp's Unchanging Feelings
In the second half of 2016, Sharp has brought its SU860A TV series to the user in a very low-key manner. As Sharp's new television model, it not only highlights the aesthetic appearance but also realizes a perfect fusion with the visual experience. , interactive experience is readily available, allowing users to rediscover family happiness.

Sharp 60-inch new TV body design process introduced

As the most important living room and home appliances, the appearance design of television is one of the most important product elements, and it is also a link that users attach great importance to. The Sharp SU860A performed satisfactorily in this regard. It brought together many successful experiences of previous Sharp TV designs and presented us with a nearly perfect large-size LCD TV appearance.

Sharp SU860A front and details
The Sharp SU860A TV has no exaggerated appearance, and the overall look is low-key and steady, highlighting the TV's own characteristics. The "SHARP" logo is located directly below the screen. After the TV is powered on, the logo will be lit. This can be regarded as the finishing touch for the entire TV. There is a 4K logo on the metal frame of the TV, which also indicates that the TV has a 4K ultra HD resolution. Overall, this TV can leave a good impression.

Sharp SU860A base and details
The base of the TV did not use the traditional "bigfoot" shape of the TV, but used a streamlined design. Although the base almost spans the entire TV screen, the clever styling doesn't make it look complicated, but it makes people look more concise and capable. On the left and right sides of the bottom of the TV screen are marked with Dolby Audio and AQUOS logo. This also shows that the TV is in line with the flagship high-end positioning.

Sharp SU860A back and details
The back design of the Sharp SU860A is also very concise, and the black body makes it very low-key. The bulging part of the back is the full-range loudspeaker of the TV, and the Dolby Cinema standard is derived from this. At the same time, a five-dimensional navigation bar is also provided on the back of the television, which is convenient for the user to perform simple operations on the television when the remote controller cannot be found. In the middle of the back, this TV model and basic parameters are affixed.

Sharp SU860A interface configuration
In terms of interfaces, the Sharp SU860A provides users with a rich choice of two USB ports (a USB 3.0 and a USB 2.0), as well as basic network ports and AV input and output ports. At the same time, the TV is also equipped with 3 HDMI interfaces to meet the user's high-definition requirements, and overall it is more comprehensive.

TV remote control
The remote control of the TV adopts a minimalist and upright design, removing many keys that are not commonly used, and the body is designed with an ergonomic arc. The grip is very comfortable and can fit well with the palm of your hand. At the same time, a set of touch navigation keys is also set above the arrow keys, and the user can switch the interface with a finger, and the sensitivity is relatively high. In fact, the overall shape of this remote control is also a new design language for Sharp TV this year.

Sharp 60-inch New TV System and Content Usage Analysis

Operating System: Simple, Smart, and Easy to Use

At present, the entire TV industry is deeply influenced by Internet thinking. The operating system it is equipped with is gradually becoming more intelligent and lighter. Only operating systems that meet user habits will have more people to buy. The operating system of the Sharp 60-SU860A TV is based on Android's deep customization. It is mainly divided into three interfaces, television, video, and applications. Even the first time the operating system is used, it can be seen at a glance without any learning cost.

Sharp SU860A TV System Main Interface

Smart search interface
The search interface is a function currently available in smart TVs, making it easy for users to search for the necessary resources. Sharp SU860A's search interface is very smart, you only need to enter the first letter of the resource can automatically search, there are smart connections, simple and quick. The middle section also set a hot search today to let users know today's hot keywords. In the process of use, there is no stagnation or delay, and the experience is excellent.

Content resources: as the cloud theater + iqiyi is rich enough

Sharp's SU860A TV has BesTV (BST) Internet TV licensee, and the video broadcast control platform is equipped with ismartv (Video Cloud) and iQIYI video. The cloud cloud network is a content service company composed of Shanghai Broadcasting and Television, Shanghai Oriental Media Group (SMG) and Lenovo Group. As a cloud, SEG and Lenovo take full advantage of SMG and Lenovo in terminal products, cloud computing, content resources, and market operations. China's Internet smart TV service, to open up China's Internet and digital home entertainment market.

Visual Cloud Main Interface

Chinese Movie Classification

Overseas movie classification

TV series classification

Entertainment variety program classification

Sports classification

Children's classification
The Vision Cinema introduced the premium video resources of BesTV and iQiyi's two top content companies in China, providing legitimate HD content including movies, television, variety entertainment, music, sports, etc. Disney, Warner, Lion City, Huayi, Huanyi, Canxing, Premier League and other top domestic and foreign content production team as one of the operating model, and strive to create a fine pay for film and television zone.

The film "July and Anson" source BesTV

Movie "Captain America 3" Source BesTV

The TV series "Old Nine Gates" is the exclusive love artist.
At present, as the cloud theater has garnered 8000+ movies, 60,000+ episodes of popular TV dramas, and 30,000+ hours of popular entertainment variety shows, with certain advantages in terms of content resources. At the same time, the membership fee is also more conscience, as the cloud cloud VIP monthly subscription 30 yuan / 30 days, package season 88 yuan / 90 days, package year 299 yuan / 365 days, compared to the Internet TV brand annual fee standards are more affordable.

Sharp 60-inch new TV core image quality comprehensive test

Objective Instrument Test: The advantages of wide color gamut technology

In terms of color performance, the instrument we tested was the BM-7A luminance colorimeter produced by Topcon to measure the color coordinates of Sharp LCD-60SU860A in different colors, and calculated the contrast, color gamut, and color temperature according to the corresponding values. Color saturation and draw a corresponding color profile and so on. Before carrying out this test, we first let the machine work normally for one hour and restore it to the factory mode. The entire test environment was performed in the darkroom.

Sharp SU860A color performance
After our actual test, Sharp's NTSC color gamut of the LCD-60SU860A reached 88.33%. This kind of performance is quite satisfactory. Of course, this is inseparable from Sharp's wide color gamut technology and direct area backlight control. In terms of static contrast, this TV has reached 3565:1, and it can be achieved in the default setting, which is not easy. At the same time, after testing, the brightness of this screen has reached 541nits. For a LCD TV, achieving such a result is very impressive.

Static picture test: clear details, accurate color

In the static test, we selected three test images with 4K ultra-high resolution. Static images are ideal for displaying layered, detail, and color accuracy. The following three test charts are also very targeted. The first major consideration is the detailed display and color of the screen. The second is mainly about the accuracy of the screen color. The third one is about the performance and details of the black field. More reference value.

4K static image test

4K static image test

4K static image test
From the first test picture, it can be seen that the details of the texture on the animal are excellent, the color reproduction is more accurate, the overall performance is real and natural, and the outline is clearly visible. The second test picture is rich in color, and this screen does not appear distorted or overexposed. The third test chart has very high requirements for black performance. Sharp's original LCD screen is deep enough in black, and the details on the wings are not lost. It is satisfactory.

UHD test: the picture is real and natural

In the local testing session, we selected two test videos with 4K UHD resolution. The first test video mainly considers the ability of the screen to restore the color of the overall picture and the outline of the animal. At the same time, it also has certain requirements for real ambient light. The second test video mainly focuses on the face details and color accuracy of the characters. The following are two test video test chart shots.

4K video test

4K video test

4K video test
The first video of the animal test we can see that the most obvious one is the ambient light performance. The closer the area is to the brighter light, and the darker to the farther, to restore the scene in the jungle. At the same time, the luster of animals is also affected by the influence of ambient light, resulting in a corresponding change in performance. The second test video also made a high degree of restoration. The skin texture on the face of the person is clearly visible, the color is also relatively accurate, and the overall performance is excellent.

HDR Test: Outstanding Brightness and Darkness

HDR is a display technology that has a significant effect on image quality. It can effectively improve the brightness, dark details, layering, color performance, and authenticity of the screen. However, the current manufacturers' control of HDR technology is uneven. Some improvements have little effect. Sharp's unique color HDR technology can effectively enhance the brightness and darkness of the picture, and can greatly enhance the authenticity of the picture. Below we further verify the HDR segment that was actually shot in three segments.

HDR video test

HDR video test

HDR video test
In the first HDR test video, Sharp's LCD screen was impeccable for the performance of the black court. The overall reduction was more true, but in this video, the brightness performance was insufficient, which also caused the picture to lose some of the details. Sorry. Fortunately, for the second HDR test video this screen performed well, the black court was equally good enough, and at the same time it was highly restored for brighter areas (light effects), as if the lights were shining in front of them. The third HDR test video is also very good.

Sharp 60-inch new TV test summary: in line with the company's flagship standard

Sharp 60-SU860A TV still continues Sharp's rigorous pursuit of image quality and sound quality. It adopts Japanese original LCD panel and supports HDR display technology. With dense matrix high-brightness direct type backlight, it automatically adjusts the brightness of each area and improves Contrast. Reproduces the depth of field and the material texture of the landscape, bringing incomparable realistic images and an immersive experience. At the same time, with Sharp's own color technology, the brightness of the image signal detection and dynamic range reduction process, so that the bright part of the screen more brilliant and colorful, black part of the deeper and more profound.

Sharp Color Technology
The Sharp 4K-MEP professional image processing engine is equipped to enhance the conversion of less than 4K resolution image content to high-definition 4K image processing. Even terrestrial digital signals or Blu-ray images can be presented with a lively 4K resolution image. Create more images full of texture, three-dimensionality, and presence. In addition, the application of the wide color gamut technology enhances the saturation of the screen color, brings more rich color expression, and the screen colors are more natural. It is like being exposed to the natural environment, bringing a stronger immersive experience.

Sharp HDR Technology

Sharp's new generation of wide color gamut technology
For the system content, Sharp LCD-60SU860A TV has made many improvements, more grounded in the overall operating experience, and has more advantages than other joint venture brands "anti-human" UI design. It is based on the depth of Android customization, easy to use, very easy to get started, learning costs is almost zero. At the same time, it owns BesTV licensees, as well as the Vision Cloud Theatre and the iQiyi Video Broadcasting and Control Platform, which brings more rich content services and directly confronts the Internet TV brands.

Sharp LCD-60SU860A TV
From this Sharp TV, we can feel that this century-old factory is moving toward the Internet age. On the basis of maintaining the core display technology and quality, it incorporated the big content of the Internet brand, so that it has the advantage of the traditional brand, but also has the strengths of the Internet brand, the perfect combination of these two points also makes Sharp TV Products are more competitive. In the current industry context, Sharp uses a solid product concept to strive for more benefits for consumers.

Sharp LCD-60SU860A TV parameter configuration is what? How is the operating performance? Below, the introduction of detailed parameter configuration analysis of Sharp LCD-60SU860A TV.

Sharp LCD-60SU860A TV parameter configuration is what
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