Nearly 1.1 billion investment in LED intelligent lighting parking

Nearly 1.1 billion investment in LED intelligent lighting parking Recently, it was learned from the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission that the Wukesong underground parking lot, the largest parking lot in the West Beijing area, was formally started construction. This is the first parking project in Beijing to be built under the government-led and corporate operating model. The parking lot is expected to The construction of 3,000 parking spaces will formally put into use and will alleviate the parking difficulties in Wukesong district.

Wukesong underground parking lot is located in the northeast corner of Wukesong Bridge. The Wukesong Sports Culture Center is under the planning green space with a total area of ​​approximately 78,400 square meters. It is an underground parking lot. The parking lot is constructed and managed in accordance with the principle of government-led and enterprise operation. The construction time is expected to be two years, and the construction can be completed in 2014. The total investment is estimated to be 1.09 billion yuan. Beijing Gonglian will be responsible for the operation of the Wukesong parking lot.

In terms of design technology, the Wukesong underground parking lot adopts advanced technologies such as new technologies, new materials, intelligent fire fighting, intelligent parking, etc. If a fire occurs, the fire detector will automatically alarm after detecting the fire, and open the pre-action alarm valve and control panel. The valve of the gas valve, output signal, indicates the fire area. Lighting facilities are also provided as convenient as possible for drivers. Underground parking is equipped with normal lighting, emergency lighting, duty lighting, and transitional lighting. The normal lighting in the parking lot adopts the LED intelligent lighting device, which can detect the movement of people and vehicles, control the lighting on time, and realize “on-demand lighting”. In addition, the transitional lighting at the entrance and exit of the parking lot can prevent the driver from generating light changes. interference.

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