Strengthen the company's internal management attaches great importance to market research - Visiting Huatong Shenzhen General Manager Shang Zhibin

Among Huatong's dealers, Shang Zhibin, general manager of Shenzhen Sales Corporation, is a big brother. From an age, he is a “big brother.” From the perspective of operating performance, he is “big brother”.

In the electric market in Shenzhen, the Huatong brand is particularly favored by customers. The sales of Shenzhen Sales Corporation has been at the forefront of its peers. During the Yandangshan Marketing Symposium, Shang still leaked some of his “secret tips” to the reporter:

First, do a good job of internal management of the company.

Management work is a prerequisite for any work, management is not done well, and any job can not be done well. Shenzhen company has always attached great importance to this work. The first is to strengthen the work of institutional construction, set good rules, and strictly guide and standardize the development of all kinds of work. Shang always said: "Shenzhen company is not many people, but has always insisted on clocking attendance, I personally lead by example, take the lead to punch." The second is to scientifically formulate incentive policies for employees, with clear penalties and rewards, and to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of each employee. Third, people-oriented, standing on the perspective of employees, caring for employees, and concerned about employee concerns, provide necessary benefits. Shang general introduction: "Shenzhen company employees are mostly older employees with more than 5 years, and even more than 10 years old employees, so that employees can attract, retain and play a role."

The second is to attach great importance to market research work.

As mentioned earlier, Shenzhen is an international metropolis. International and domestic brands compete on the same platform and the competition is fierce. It is a prerequisite for participating in competition to fully understand and understand the market. Our company attaches great importance to the market research work, understands the macroeconomic situation from the Internet, television, and newspapers, sends out market personnel to collect peer sales policies, learns about new market information from fellow villagers and friends, and peer insider information... Take this firmly grasp the pulse of the market. Since the beginning of this year, we all know that due to the macroeconomic reasons, the economic downturn has become obvious. However, our company is precisely grasping the situation and fully understanding the market dynamics of its peers. The launch of promotion measures has achieved significant market effects. The growth in the first half of the year was about 15% from last year.

The third is to do a good job of service work.

Modern commercial competition is more a manifestation of service competition. Shenzhen company has a lot of brains in this regard, think of a lot of ways, focusing on delivery, after-sales, service attitudes in three aspects. In terms of delivery time, all customer orders, as long as there is inventory, no matter how busy, even if the other side as long as a product, even if overtime, must be delivered on the same day; after sales, our company has a dedicated after-sales service engineer, specializing in product sales Service, we solve the common common product quality problems as quickly as possible to customers, even if it can not be resolved temporarily, never shirk responsibility, is our product liability, free replacement for customers. In terms of service attitude, our company requires every employee to always keep in mind that the customer is God's concept, think of customers, worry about the urgency of customers, bring convenience to customers, leave trouble for themselves, as long as customers complain about employees , After understanding the facts, timely criticism and education of employees, repeated education is invalid, the punishment, and severely dismissed. The customer is our food and clothing parents. No one can offend our food and clothing parents.

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