Taiwan's panel industry 200 people collectively quit AUO accused TCL of stealing AMOLED technology

The biggest collective job-hopping event in the history of Taiwan's science and technology, led by Chen Liyi, former senior director of Chi Mei Electric, unexpectedly detonated cross-strait commercial spy lawsuits! After the suspected AU Optronics Display Development Center, the OLED Technology Department Manager Wang Yifan was hacked to the mainland TCL Group last year, and leaked the advanced key technologies of the National Science and Technology Association, such as AMOLED, and the two returned to the Mid-Autumn Festival at the end of last month. The search was initiated, but the two denied the crime and transferred it to the Hsinchu District Prosecutor’s Office for a return.

The prosecution pointed out that even if Wang and the government exported the high-tech technology managed by the government to the mainland, they would violate the "Taiwan and Mainland People's Relations Regulations" to jeopardize national security or interests. They can be sentenced to imprisonment for up to three years and criminal law. "The use of computer equipment to divulge the secret of business secrets, can be sentenced to imprisonment for up to six months a year. The prosecutor once again restricted the two to leave the country. However, the environmental inspection has been lifted. Recently, Zhu Jiaxiu, a spokesperson for the bamboo inspection, said yesterday: "It is inconvenient to explain the reasons based on the fact that the investigation is not open."

Panel industry 200 people quit

After Chen Liyi, former director of the Chimei TV Division, left the mainland, last year assisted the mainland TCL Group to launch a large-scale digging of Taiwan panel R&D talent plan, resulting in more than 200 people from AUO and Chimei Electric panel manufacturers collectively quit. Da Yi discovered that the pool and Wang Yifan had copied a number of advanced key technologies before leaving the company in July last year. They suspected that they would "take a gun to the enemy" and filed a complaint with the Hsinchu District Inspection Office in January this year, accusing the two of them of infringing on the important research and development of China's panel industry. The results have seriously affected the fair competition of the industry, resulting in the loss of AUO billion yuan.

Transfer of information before leaving office

It is understood that the two are subject to leakage of AUO AMOLED, image quality optimization product technology, high penetration product technology, high contrast / high image quality product technology, four masks (4MASK) manufacturing technology and other advanced key panels Technology, which is a "sensitive technology" administered by the National Science Council, and announced by the Ministry of Economic Affairs "investment or technical cooperation prohibited manufacturing products projects in the mainland", and AUO has reported that the relevant technologies must be mass-produced next year. Output.

In the investigation, Chen Liyi went to Japan to participate in the international conference in April and May of last year, and even contacted him privately. After that, he launched a digging attack and arranged for a high-level meeting with the mainland TCL. Finally, he even claimed to "go home to be his own." The business resigned from AUO, and immediately transferred to the vice president of the Industrial Research Institute of TCL Corporation of the mainland with a high salary of more than three million US dollars (about NT$100 million). Wang Yifan was transferred to TCL with an annual salary of NT$5 million. The subsidiary of Huaxing Optoelectronics AMOLED Development.

The inspection found that before the company left the company, it used a flash drive to copy multiple panel technologies and transferred personal notebook computers to the mainland. Wang Yifan used the company's e-mail to transfer AMOLED technology to private e-mail until the end of September this year. The two returned to the Mid-Autumn Festival and immediately began a search interview.

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