The use of horn speakers in KTV and other places

[Audio Network Information] The main advantages of the horn speaker, in general, the most important is the high efficiency, compared with the ordinary cone, belt, dome speaker, the efficiency is higher than 10dB. Therefore, the horn speaker is a high conversion efficiency speaker. The horn speaker not only has a very high conversion efficiency, but its dynamic change is also larger than that of a normal speaker.
As early as before the First World War, horn loudspeakers were already available. Today, not only is it famous, but it is also getting hotter and hotter. Whether it is the antique traditional horn or the new series that has emerged in recent years. It is a Hi-Fi pet that enthusiasts dream of. The unique "[sensitive words] charm emitted by the horn loudspeakers makes the enthusiasts indulge in this and can't extricate themselves. Especially in recent years, the rise of KTV entertainment, the beautiful tone of the infection of large and small rooms, not the horn and not competent. In the developed countries of the West and neighboring countries in Japan, the horn loudspeaker has long been the highest goal, and it is proud of having a horn loudspeaker. From the point of view of use, horn speakers often appear in public places such as venues, clubs, dance halls, theaters, karaoke, etc., which are unmatched by other speakers; large dynamic and high-efficiency leaders are engaged in the range of activities The 50-year-old dedicated horn loudspeakers such as JBL, Poshing, ALTES, and Cansing are used for high-fidelity home replays. From today's eyes, it is not outdated. It is the advantage and sound effect of Hi-Fi horns that enthusiasts like to talk about. We know that traditional cone horns have low radiation efficiency because of their low radiation resistance. It is related to the radiation of the cone, and the radiation area of ​​the cone is relatively small. The sound wave is emitted in a large space, and the vibration surface changes rapidly. Therefore, the coupling is in a mismatched situation, and thus the conversion rate of the acoustic electricity is very low, and the horn speaker is added with an involute type cone type tube before and after the vibration system of the horn, and the sound wave is transmitted. It gradually and uniformly amplifies the propagation, which is equivalent to increasing the effective vibration area of ​​the horn. It is conceivable that the radiation impedance of the large-area vibration system is more purely resistive than the small cone, so that the horn speaker is The propagation in the air has a better matching effect than the coupling state of the ordinary cone speaker. Therefore, the restored acoustic efficiency is much higher. For example, when you put your hands in a trumpet on your mouth and yell at the distance, you can obviously increase the sound and spread it farther, and the horn is equivalent to your hands. The reason for the spread is The horn acts to converge the direction of the sound in one direction.

The main advantages of horn loudspeakers, in general, the most important is the high efficiency, compared with the ordinary cone, belt, dome speaker, the efficiency is higher than 10dB. Therefore, the horn speaker is a high conversion efficiency speaker. The horn speaker not only has a very high conversion efficiency, but its dynamic change is also larger than that of a normal speaker.

Everyone knows that the sound intensity that can be felt by the average human ear can hear a sound pressure level of one decibel, and the change in them is up to 1 million times. From the lowest to the highest sound signal, the linear ratio played by the speaker is called "dynamic range", and the dynamic range of the speaker has different reflections from its own structure and the form of the speaker. In the style of the horn, when the vibration of the cone is linearly related to the external force, the distortion of the horn is intensified. If you continue to increase the signal input to the horn, the horn of the horn will be punched out of the magnetic gap. And accompanied by the phenomenon of shooting the bottom. The smaller the calibre is, the more severe it is at low frequency playback.

The speaker with high conversion efficiency has a wide dynamic range, and the speaker with low conversion efficiency has large mechanical loss due to its own structure, and some of the energy is lost by thermal energy. Of course, the dynamic range of the speaker is also small. The small dynamic range of the speaker is used to deliver the details of the weak music, the resolution is very poor, and the symphony of the big dynamic can not be correctly expressed.

Sometimes we do a lot of improvement and design of the speaker's frequency response indicators, but the actual sound quality requirements in the sense of hearing are still not significantly improved, but slightly increase the dynamic range of the speaker, but it has a very obvious improvement. The effect increases the realism of the scene restoration and makes people feel excited. It can be seen that the dynamic range of the speaker is an indicator that plays a great role in the sound quality, and the designer should pay full attention to it. The horn speaker is a typical high-efficiency and large dynamic speaker system. The successful design of the horn speaker, in the process of playing music, the detailed resolution of the music and the reproduction of the weak signal can be fully reflected in front of us. Obvious realism and positioning, so the stereo effect is very significant, whether it is a linear contrast between strong and weak signals, has a large dynamic range.

The horn speaker has a small distortion and is unmatched by other types of speakers. This is because under the same sound size (sound pressure), the horn loudspeaker requires much less drive power than other types of speakers, and can exert a lot of sound energy under tiny vibrations. The movement of the voice coil is small, so that the horn can be kept in the area where the "piston" vibrates, so the distortion is extremely small, which is the leader of the high quality sound reproduction system. Other types of speakers, compared to the horn, in the same sound pressure, the voice coil moves very much, can not guarantee that the speaker works correctly in the "piston" area.

The horn speaker is a self-contained speaker in the world of speaker trees. The tone is obviously different from other types of speakers. It has strong directivity, large diffusivity, and higher sound density than ordinary speakers. Image ratio. The world's horn speakers are more well-known in the United States, Poshing, ALTSLANSING, JBL, EV and "Jess", British TANNOY, Japan's Panasonic RAMSA.

China Guangzhou Huiying Electronic Products Co., Ltd. and Taikedao Digital Audio and Video Equipment Co., Ltd. are one of the earliest Chinese manufacturers to launch horn series speakers. The main products developed by the company have more than ten varieties, and most of them use piano wood to make horns. With better sound, it is more suitable for the high fidelity requirements of today's digital entertainment era. From the thousands of yuan to the more than 400,000 yuan of different grades of products, I believe that can meet the different levels of audio quality requirements for enthusiasts. Especially used in professional concert halls, theaters, KTV entertainment city and teaching studios.

The horn loudspeaker is regarded as the symbol of the best in foreign countries. The two gangsters in Western Europe are even more loved, and the "idol" that Japanese enthusiasts admire most is the horn speaker. The enthusiast who likes to play the amp, the horn loudspeaker is undoubtedly They are the best choice for matching with the amplifier.

The horn loudspeaker itself has the function of filtering and frequency stabilization. In the audible audio range, the resolution is extremely high, and the mutual interference between the high and low frequencies is extremely small. The advantages are inexhaustible. In the future, we will introduce some horn loudspeakers one after another. Articles, play, production, reviews and other articles, I hope that domestic enthusiasts, professional audio music and KTV entertainment enthusiasts can take it to the next level and taste the charm of the horn speaker.

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