The first mass-produced Xiaolong 821 Le Pro3 first sale 15 seconds sold out

IT168 information Xiaomi released yesterday two mobile phones equipped with Xiao Long 821 processor, but it is worth noting that the two models used the reduced-frequency version of the Snapdragon 821, but in fact the Snapdragon 821 chip compared to Snapdragon 820 The main improvement is the increase in frequency. In comparison, the LePro Pro3, which was also released recently, is obviously worthy of a lot of not only the first production volume, the Snapdragon 821, but also a 6GB+64GB storage combination. Le Pro3 opened its first sales this morning. Less than one hour after the launch, LeTV officially announced the battle report: Le Pro3 sold its first spot in 15 seconds.

According to the official announcement before this, the first shipment of Le Pro 3 was 500,000 units. Relevant data show that before the sale, Le Pro3's total reservation volume reached 15.3 million. The booking situation and the fiercely sold scene after 15 seconds after the sale can be seen that consumers are quite satisfied with Le Pro3. At present, Le Pro3 omni-channel pre-sale is still in progress, Le Shi Mall, Jingdong Mall, Tmall Leshi official flagship store, Suning Tesco and Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu and other national offline stores simultaneously launched, there is a need for a friend not to be missed.

Le Pro3 continues the ID design without borders, and the whole unit has a strong integrity in the state of blank screen. The front of the camera body adopts a symmetrical design. And Le Pro3 in the use of CNC metal fuselage design based on the body back cover to add a metal wire drawing process to further enhance the texture. In addition, Le Pro3 also used a coating process on the back cover surface, which still looks like the kind of cold metal, but it feels very delicate.

In terms of hardware configuration, the LePro3 has a hardware configuration that is currently categorized as a flagship machine, a Snapdragon 821 processor, and 4/6GB of operating memory, and is read and written for UFS 2.0. The camera adopts the Sony IMX 298, which is currently used in flagship models, and has 16 million pixels. It supports DTI pixel isolation technology and effectively improves the screen purity. And also equipped with a 4070mAh large capacity battery, up to 24W charging speed. Run a deeply customized EUI system and integrate LeTV's powerful content resources to meet any audiovisual needs.

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