Canon Canon MG7720 Wireless All-in-One Original ink cartridges with ink in a simple contrast

Black 5 special MG7720 estimated that many people buy, after months of toss, do not know if everyone's ink is still enough ~ ~

In any case, my frequent reminder of the lack of ink after dozens of photographs for the family during the Chinese New Year.

When buying a machine, it has paid attention to the problem of consumables. There are mainly the following solutions:

1, buy original supplies, but saw the price almost enough to buy a new machine. . .

2, to buy a treasure of compatible cartridges, but looking for a long time did not find Dachang compatible cartridges, such as Tianwei, grid cells have no MG7720 model cartridges, and other such as Estun, Roewe and so popular in the price 200 or so.

3, compatible cartridges + Tianwei image ink, this is also seen in the comments, Tianwei, after all, is a big factory, I feel relatively at ease with some.

4, original ink cartridge + Tianwei image ink, this is the most cost-saving method, today is also used in this method.

Canon Canon MG7720/MG7780 refilling method do not know whether to buy the black 5720 have received the goods, and today is a matter we are very concerned about the supplies, the printer was bought, it is not easy to use, the original supplies a set of fast It's time to catch up with the machine. Refillable ink cartridges are cheap, but they have many different types of quality and they don't know which one to choose. In fact, the best solution is to use original ink cartridges to add ink. The following full dry goods, please look carefully to prevent mistakes. Central Asia Primehndy| Likes 66 Comments 110 Favorites 387 View Details

With reference to this valuable friend's article, thank you for this.

First on the link

Tianwei Applicable Canon mg7580 ix6580 ip7280 Image Pack Inkjet Printer Special Ink 9.9 Yuan Lynx Select Direct Link

But I bought that would be just out of stock, just to find a store on a certain treasure to buy, we try to buy the official store it, although the model does not support MG7720, but as long as the support MG7580, you can use.

Simple sun exposure

All six colors are complete, corresponding to the original ink cartridge color, 850 black corresponds to the big black (PGBK), but the dye ink or pigment ink is unknown.

The above quoted the following words: "The original ink cartridge is only Pugk (PGBK) pigment ink, and the rest are dye inks. Among them, PPGK ink droplets are 13 pl, pigment ink can be added and dye ink can be added. Pigment ink is waterproof and The color looks darker and the document is printed better, but the fluidity is not as good as the dye.The dye ink is more fluent and difficult to plug, but it is not waterproof, for example, marking with a marker, etc. may cause blurred writing. Add dye ink, otherwise wait for the print head to be scrapped."

The bottom, Zhuhai production.

Side, image industry equipment, security code.

Model 850, Canon is also a chicken thief, each series of printers are different ink, MG7780 is 870 ink, MG7720 is 270 ink, which should be the same ink.

On the other side, indicate 100ml.

On the back, quality assurance.

Opening the box is a simple package. . . It does not work like a big factory at all, but people also write about the industry's equipment. Packaging does not require much.

Simple label.

Wood has the back of the label.

Fine bottle mouth, easy to add ink, a soft rubber plug.

Then start the actual combat

Open the ink tank cover first and take out the ink cartridge. The ink cartridge lamp with less ink has started to flash.

The place to add ink is below the QR code on the cartridge.

Cut the two-dimensional code of this tape with a knife to reveal the small ball inside.

Use needles or sharp objects to pick out the small beads and add ink.

When adding ink, pay attention to observe the amount of ink added, when the ink is not going to be full, we must pay attention to the following to put on a towel or paper towel, ink get to the desktop on the trouble ~

It is necessary to spit TAM under the ink tank, although it is pointed, but it is not easy to use, accidentally, it is easy to ink diffuse Jinshan, conditional recommendations or use a syringe to add ink. With the use of a syringe, it is also possible to accurately control the amount of ink added, about 5 ml for each color, and 10 ml for the large black ink cartridge.

After the ink is properly applied, it is plugged with a rubber stopper to prevent the ink from evaporating, entering the ash, and spilling ink during use.

Of course, it is also possible to plug the small ball back and use transparent glue. This is a small rubber plug that is specially bought for convenience of adding ink later.

Originally a set of refilling tools, bought just to use the small rubber plug inside.

Applicable CANON MX868 MX876 Original ink cartridge Refill Ink filling tool V26.9 yuan Tmall Select direct link

After finishing the work, you can put the ink cartridge into the machine and start printing. It is recommended that you use the cleaning program that comes with the machine to clean it twice and use up the old ink.

The above friend shared: “The printer prompts you to disable the ink detection function by pressing and holding the stop button on the printer when no ink is available. After the printer is disabled, the amount of ink on the printer and the computer will be grayed out.”

The following sample comparison

The same photo, the same photo paper, is slightly different, but not the contrast does not affect at all. . .

There is no border on the Tianwei ink, the bottom of the border for the original ink.

to sum up

A total of less than 100 yuan, but also a good photo, and Tianwei Hao Hao is a big factory, and use it is also assured that the follow-up use I will add in a timely manner.


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