Jiaxing: nearly 50,000 street lamps are all replaced with LED lights

When night falls, a streetlight is lit, illuminating and warming home. Some careful citizens have found that the street lights of a few sections of the city have been quietly replaced with LED street lights. Compared with traditional high-pressure sodium lamps and other street lamps, LED lamps show superior performance in terms of illuminance, uniformity and power saving rate.

Recently, the reporter learned from the relevant departments of the Municipal Construction Committee and other departments that the city's road lighting will fully promote LED street lights next year. Among them, nearly 50,000 street lamps of the city's main level plan to complete at least half of the renovation. This means that the night in Jiaxing will be brighter, and at the same time, it will save a large amount of electricity bills and achieve a win-win situation for both social and economic benefits.

LED street reconstruction <br> <br> has tasted the sweetness <br> <br> In fact, in the city, a few sections of the street has changed the traditional lighting LED lights, and the local government, enterprises have tasted the sweetness.

In contrast, Tongxiang has been at the forefront of the city and even the province in this respect. The “Tongxiang Experience” has been recognized by the province's energy-saving experts and scholars. After Tongxiang completed the energy-saving renovation of 63 roads and 4427 street lamps last year, the light intensity remained unchanged, and the energy-saving effect was very obvious. Take Zhonghua Road as an example. Originally installed 250 watt high pressure sodium lamp 118 盏, 150 watt high pressure sodium lamp 129 盏, the total power is 48.8 kW. After the transformation, 135 watts of LED street lights were installed, with a total power of 33.3 kW. This means that if you use the street lamp to work 11.5 hours a day, you can save 65,100 kilowatt-hours per year.

“After transformation, the power saving reached 30%.” The relevant person calculated an account. After the renovation of some street lamps, Tongxiang saved electricity of 4,125,400 kWh last year and saved nearly 4 million yuan in electricity. In addition, the maintenance workload is also significantly reduced. The general lighting lamp consumes a lot of power and has a short life span. It has to be replaced once every two years, and the LED street lamp is replaced in six years, and the cost of maintenance and replacement is very small.

First municipal street reconstruction <br> <br> next year start <br> <br> reporter learned from the Municipal Construction Committee, to the end of September this year, a total of more than 49,000 first municipal street lights. It has been estimated that the average lighting time per street lamp in the urban area last year was 7.6 hours, the street lamp electricity cost was 23.5 million yuan, and the street lamp maintenance fee, the total expenditure reached 33.07 million yuan.

According to the reporter's interview, according to national regulations, the average time for lighting of every street lamp is 11.37 hours. If the lights are lighted according to the above standards, the urban street lamp electricity and street lamp maintenance expenses will exceed 45 million yuan. To this end, some street lamps in the urban area adopt the method of adjusting the intelligent control system of street lamps. On the basis of the light or the single side, the measures to reduce the brightness of the street lights after 10 o'clock in the evening, the appropriate delay to turn on the lights and turn off the lights early are taken. To achieve the purpose of saving electricity and letting electricity be used by the people. In response, some citizens complained that many roads were “black lacquered”, which brought a lot of inconvenience to citizens' lives and travel.

“Replacing the original high-pressure sodium lamp with a new energy-saving LED lamp not only has low energy consumption, but also saves electricity.” The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Construction Committee told the reporter that in order to change the current status of street lighting, next year’s city level is nearly 50,000. The renovation of street lamps will be officially launched. It will be completed through social open tendering and contract energy utilization management. “The reforming unit does not need to increase investment, and it can also obtain energy saving benefits while saving energy and reducing emissions.”

According to the introduction, according to the preliminary idea, the urban plan plans to carry out pilot projects through a few road sections to measure the actual performance, cost and power saving of LED street lights, so as to fully prepare for the public bidding. According to the plan, the city's nearly 50,000 street lamps plan to complete at least half of the renovation, the road will be brighter in the future, and the citizens will be safer and more convenient.

Fang Bairu, deputy director of the Municipal Construction Committee, said that the relevant departments will strictly control and have a series of assessments and measures for the benefits and effects of the transformation. “The winning bidders must meet the expected requirements before they can share the energy-saving benefits according to the contract ratio.” In the actual transformation According to the road section, weather, time and other factors, the LED street lights will be adjusted by means of technology to ensure the best condition.

According to the plan, in the next three years, Jiaxing City will promote LED street lights in the city's road lighting and transform more than 130,000 street lamps. It is worth mentioning that at the on-site meeting of the provincial road green lighting renovation project held this year, the “Tongxiang Experience” was recognized by the province's energy-saving experts and scholars, and the Tongxiang streetlight renovation plan will be fully completed in 2017.

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