Speakers have current sound and sound, noise analysis and solutions

Many friends will encounter the current sound of the speaker when setting up a home theater or using audio-visual equipment on a daily basis. How to solve the problem when the sound or the speaker has a current sound? It is usually a common current sound fault when the sound of "stinging" sounds. There are generally three reasons. One is the interference from the surrounding environment, the surrounding signal source causes the current noise to appear in the speaker, and the other is the sound source setting problem, such as some setting errors when using the computer to play, the third is the hardware problem, the audio line problem, the internal parts of the speaker are virtual. Welding or damage, filter capacitor failure, etc. can cause current sounds to appear.

What if the sound has a current?

The following is a solution for the speaker with current sound and noise:

1 Check if the [Audio Line] interface is correctly plugged in. Connect the [Audio Line] to the computer's green audio interface, and the pink interface in the sound card panel is usually used to connect the microphone. If the wrong sound is connected, the microphone will also emit a weak current. .

2 Check if the power supply is correct. Under the circumstances, the rated voltage is marked on the audio equipment. If the power supply voltage is too high, the current will be generated inside the sound. If necessary, a voltage regulator can be used for power supply or regulated by electrical equipment.

What if the sound has a current?

The noise phenomenon such as "power supply" in the 3 parts of the sound is caused by improper software settings. In this regard, we can take the following methods to solve: open the "Control Panel", click on the "Sound and Audio" -> "Manage Audio Devices" item to enter.

What if the sound has a current?

4 Electromagnetic interference can also cause the sound of the sound to be emitted from the sound. This is to prevent the current sound from being generated by moving the electromagnetic equipment such as mobile phones and microwave ovens away from the sound.

5 Switch to the “Play” tab, then select “Player” and click on “Properties” to enter.

What if the sound has a current?

6 In the window that opens, switch to the "Enhancement" tab, then check "Disable all sound effects", and finally click the "OK" button to complete the settings.

What if the sound has a current?

7 If the above method can not solve the problem, and it may be that the audio hardware itself is faulty, it can only be sent to the maintenance point for maintenance.

What if the sound has a current?

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