Mini Bluetooth Speaker Circuit Diagram

The following figure shows the schematic diagram of a typical Bluetooth speaker design. The main components are:

(1) The receiving module adopts the OVC Bluetooth module, and the advantage is that the cost of the solution compared with the CSR is cheap;

(2) The power amplifier IC selects the HT6809, and its unique anti-shaping distortion function ensures that the speaker does not have obvious breakage at the same time as the high-power output;

(3) The TP4055 is more common in the market for charging management;

(4) In addition, LM358 is mainly used for balance and secondary amplification of Bluetooth signals.

Mini Bluetooth Speaker Circuit Diagram

Surface Mounting Sensor

NTC temperature surface mount sensors are non intrusive type sensors consisting of a probe section designed for mounting to flat or curved surfaces.

Cables can be supplied with insulation or jacket in PVC, Teflon or Silicon. Some cables are also available with a stainless steel over-braid or stainless steel armor for additional protection.

With the properties of easy installation, surface temperature measurement, surface mount type NTC Temperature Sensor has been used to power supply, radiator, electric motor and generator. Temperature range is from -30°C to 105°C.

Surface Mounting Sensor

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