How to control and solve the wafer crack in the LED solid crystal process?

First, the chip material itself is broken

If the chip breakage is greater than 1/5 of the width of the single-sided chip or the break is at an oblique angle, each side is longer than 2/5 chips or damaged to the aluminum pad. Such chips are unacceptable (this is an item in the chip inspection standard) . The main causes of the bad phenomenon are:

1. The chip manufacturer is not working properly

2. Chip incoming inspection has not been sampled

3. Not picked out during online operation


1. Inform the chip manufacturer to improve

2 Strengthen the feed inspection, and reject the chip with too much damage.

3. When the Q test is performed online, the broken chip should be picked out and the good chip should be added.

Second, the LED solid crystal machine is used improperly

1. Improper suction parameters of the machine

The nozzle height and the solid crystal height of the machine are directly controlled by the parameters in the machine computer. The parameters are large, the suction height is small; the parameters are small, the suction height is large, and the chip is damaged or not, which is directly affected by the suction height parameter of the machine. The main reasons for the bad phenomenon are: large parameters of the machine, low hunting height, excessive force on the chip, resulting in chip damage.


Adjust the parameters of the machine, and appropriately increase the height of the nozzle or the height of the solid crystal. Adjust the height of the nozzle in the first “Pick Level” in the “Bond head menu” in the “SETUP” mode of the machine, and then in the second item. Bond Level" adjusts the solid crystal height.

2, the size of the nozzle does not match

Chips of different sizes must be fixed with different nozzles. Large chips can be easily leaked with small nozzles and chips. Small chips can be easily broken with large nozzles and chips. Therefore, the selection of appropriate nozzles is a prerequisite for solid chips. The cause of the bad phenomenon is that the nozzle is too big to break the chip.

Solution: Choose the appropriate porcelain nozzle.

Third, artificial rupture caused by improper operation

A, improper homework

Failure to follow the instructions, so that the chip is broken. The main causes of the bad phenomenon are:

1. The material is not taken well and dropped to the ground.

2. I encountered the chip when I entered the oven.

Solution: When taking the material, keep your hands steady. When entering the oven, the material should be flat and gently put in. Do not tilt or use excessive force.

B, heavy object crush

The chip was broken due to excessive external force. The main reasons for this kind of bad phenomenon are:

1. The microscope falls onto the material, breaking the chip

2. The machine parts are dropped onto the material.

3. Iron plate pressed to the material


1. The microscope screw should be locked

2. Regularly check the machine parts for looseness.

3. There must be no objects such as iron plates on the material.

Product parameters

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