Chile's "open ban" low-energy general-purpose incandescent bulbs

On December 28, 2013, the Chilean Ministry of Energy issued a minimum mandatory performance limit for general purpose non-directional incandescent bulbs. The new standard will ban the sale of bulbs with an energy efficiency index (Watt/Lumen) equal to or greater than 80%.

Covered bulbs include Type A and PS tungsten incandescent bulbs for IEC 60064/2005 applications for household and similar general use, rated power between 25 and 200 watts, bulb glass transparent, matte or white Polished, the lamp type is E26 or E27.

The Chilean Ministry of Energy pointed out that lamps with rated energy efficiency of D, E, F or G and rated power greater than 75 watts will be banned from December 28, 2014; rated energy efficiency is D, E, F or G, rated power is greater than 40 Watt's light bulbs will be banned from June 28, 2015; and rated energy efficiency is D, E, F or G, and lamps with a rated power greater than or equal to 25 watts will be banned from December 28, 2015. The second phase will begin on December 28, 2016, when the Department of Energy will evaluate the implementation of energy efficiency standards for other lighting products.

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