The relationship between the Internet of Things and RFID in the concept of "Internet of Things"

The Internet of Things is based on the computer Internet, using RFID, wireless data communication and other technologies to construct an "Internet of Things" that covers everything in the world. In this network, items (goods) can “communicate” with each other without human intervention.

Its essence is to use the radio frequency automatic identification (RFID) technology to realize the automatic identification of items (goods) and the interconnection and sharing of information through the computer Internet.

And RFID is a technology that allows items to "speak". In the concept of "Internet of Things", RFID tags store standardized and interoperable information, and automatically collect them into the central information system through wireless data communication networks to realize the identification of articles or holders, and then through openness. The computer network implements information exchange and sharing to achieve "transparent" management of the item or holder.

“e-logistics” for logistics management of logistics enterprises will provide users with real-time and accurate information on goods, vehicle tracking and positioning, transportation route selection, logistics design and optimization, and greatly enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of logistics enterprises. The development of the Internet of Things will provide the trillions of market scale for the logistics industry.

RFID works like a mobile phone communication in the form of a question and answer, solving the problem of "who is" in the Internet of Things middleware. And you can "talk" to multiple tags "simultaneously". The background of this technology has begun to receive widespread attention. The background of network communication technology began to spread in the 1990s. Like bar codes, it is to improve and improve the automation and rapidization of settlement in the retail industry, and even to make the management of the entire logistics supply chain transparent. Especially for the purpose of the purpose.

The construction and operation of the network is a much simpler task than increasing the reading rate. This is because the transmission of digital to the network is much more secure than the wireless communication between the electronic tag and the read head. As long as the ID of the electronic tag is accurately read. The work left is much simpler. So don't rely on the large amount of information read between the tag and the reader to "put" the relevant information on the mock. The network is the lifeblood of RFID. There is no network. RFID cannot play its absolute advantage over other old identification technologies. The real value of RFID is that stakeholders in its value chain can share product information. Then the technical means of information sharing lies in network inventory management and RFID.

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