Low cost, high reliability LED light source solution

In recent years, with the overall advancement of LED packaging product technology, the overall performance of related materials such as chip, solid crystal glue, encapsulant, phosphor, etc. has been greatly improved, and the package bracket has become a bottleneck restricting the performance improvement of LED package products.

A new type of package - EMC (Epoxy Molding Compound) package will complement the short package of LED package products. This epoxy resin is used as the main material of the package, and the new package technology of LEDMS is adopted. Excellent UV resistance, high temperature resistance, high integration, high power and small size are favored by many LED package manufacturers.

With the rapid rise of the LED industry, EMC has gradually begun to be used in LED packaging applications due to its excellent performance and suitable for large-scale industrial production, providing customers with low-cost, high-reliability LED light source solutions.

So what are the specific advantages of the EMC series compared to the products of the conventional PPA package?

1. Excellent thermal resistance of EMC materials. (figure 1)
EMC material's excellent high temperature resistance

The introduction of EMC materials can well solve the problem of high temperature attenuation of LEDs in the application end. At present, the company has introduced various series of EMC products with pin temperature of 105 °C and LM80.

2. EMC material has good UV resistance. (Table 1)
Good UV resistance of EMC materials
At present, the mainstream white LED package products on the market adopt "blue light + phosphor". The main band of the chip is located in the range of 440-460nm. Since the light-emitting mechanism of the chip determines a certain amount of UV component in the excitation band, the UV light will cause the molecular bond of the reflective cup material PPA when the lamp is working for a long time. Breaking causes the product to darken and the light decays. The EMC material uses a polymer compound with a higher degree of polymerization, and the intermolecular bond energy is larger, and the material is more resistant to UV. 3. High integration, more suitable for large-scale industrial mass production, which can effectively reduce production costs. (figure 2)

EMC series products have obvious advantages in their application due to their unique high temperature resistance, UV resistance and yellowing resistance. For the current mainstream lighting products, the application advantages are explained:
EMC products
1, 3030 series products, the advantage interval: 1-2W

At present, such products are mainly imitation lumen series or some ceramic substrate series. These products are generally more expensive and slower in production efficiency, while EMC 3030 products are unique in their high temperature resistance, UV resistance and yellowing resistance. The chip package has good production efficiency under the premise of ensuring performance.

And its good high temperature performance ensures that the product can be used in 105 °C environment, which greatly reduces the heat dissipation requirements for the heat sink, thus reducing the cost of the entire luminaire, and the flexible and versatile combination scheme can realize 3 The -48V package can be used with a variety of power solutions to achieve a cost-effective product.

At present, the optical lens matched with the EMC3030 product can realize the requirement of the directional illuminator for the light source, and the angle of the luminaire can be changed, and the various angle requirements of the luminaire in the light environment can be realized. In the case of optical design and optical processing, the EMC3030 combination can achieve the effect of some COB light sources, but the price is greatly reduced.

Recommended products: bulbs, spotlights, barrel lights, street lights, par lights, TV backlights, etc.

2, 3020/3014 series products, the advantage interval: 0.2-1W

At present, such products are mainly occupied by 2835 and 5630, but their tolerance at high temperatures is somewhat different from that of EMC products. The EMC 3020/3014 products can be used to upgrade such products, because the 3020/3014 products are smaller and more compact. Easy to design lighting products.

Recommended products: panel lights, bulbs, spotlights, etc.

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