Navistar will standard LED headlights on Prostar trucks

Recently, Navistar announced in Illinois, the United States, the Prostar series of heavy trucks will be equipped with LED headlights. This is also the second truck manufacturer in North America after heavy truck manufacturer Freightliner announced the standard LED headlights on a single Class8 heavy-duty tractor.

Navistar will standard LED headlights on Prostar trucks

The picture shows Navistar International Prostar Truck

Steve Gilligan, vice president of Navistar, said LED headlights are significantly longer than traditional halogen lamps, and emit light closer to natural light. Prior to this, Prostar trucks have been providing LED headlights as an option, and we now standardize it on this truck.

It is reported that in the passenger car market, there are not many LED headlights as standard models. The color of the LED headlights is closer to daylight and can reduce the driver's eye strain. At the same time, the headlights provide a stronger beam to better illuminate both sides of the road, and LEDs consume less energy than conventional halogen headlamps, extending the life of the headlights and reducing maintenance costs.

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