Asian Games purchase Baodian to pay attention to the parameters when buying TV

With the wave of the Asian Games, the peak of the purchase of flat-panel TVs was set off. When you buy TV, you can't blindly choose it. You should carefully select the products you want. In order to let you not have any minor accidents during the process of purchasing TV, the editor below will take the majority of netizens together to understand the need to pay attention when purchasing TV. Various

Terminals refer to Terminal Connectors,which are divided into single holes,double holes,sockets, hooks etc.From materials:copper plating, copper galvanizing, copper,aluminum,iron,etc.Their role is mainly to transmit electrical signals or to conduct electricity.

Our company's Terminal Connectors are divided into these series(as follow),which are hot-selling in recent few years:

Copper Tube Connectors(GTY)
JGK End Junction Terminal Connectors
JGA End Junction Terminal Connectors
JGY End Junction Terminal Connectors
JGB End Junction Terminal Connectors
DTL-1 Aluminium-Copper Terminal Connector
DTL-2 Aluminium-Copper Terminal Connector
DT Copper End Junction Terminals
DL Aluminium End Junction Terminals
Bus-Bar Terminal Connector
SM Insulate Terminal Connectors
One hole long barrel copper lugs
Two holes long barrel copper lugs

Terminal Connector

Terminal Connectors,Sc Cable Lug,Cable Lug,Terminal Lug

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