GT Solar receives South Korea's Nexolon $37.5 million order

GT Solar announced that it has obtained the first order for its new DSS650TM polycrystalline ingot growth system from Korean photovoltaic manufacturer Nexolon Company, Ltd. The total value of the contract is $37.5 million and will be included in GT Solar's current open orders for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2011 as of April 2, 2011.

GT Solar President and CEO Tom Gutierrez said: "Nexolon is a key business partner and customer of GT Solar and is known for producing quality wafers. They are testing partners for our DSS650 program and offer this new product. Important product validation. We are delighted that they have chosen our new polycrystalline ingot growth system to meet their capacity expansion plans."

Nexolon Chief Financial Officer Gene Kim said: "Nexolon is expanding its capacity to provide more quality wafers for battery and module manufacturers across the industry. As we expand production, we need proven quality wafers And low-risk technology with high ROI. GT Solar's DSS650 polycrystalline growth system allows us to achieve both goals."

The DSS650 is the latest addition to GT Solar's industry-leading DSS polycrystalline ingot growth system family. In the same size heating chamber, the advanced DSS650 produces 600 kg more ingots than the DSS450 and DSS450HP systems, and provides the same high-quality raw materials that customers expect from GT Solar's polycrystalline growth furnaces. These new systems continue GT Solar's past success record – helping customers get more value from their devices. Customers can upgrade their current furnaces to achieve higher yields of the new DSS650.

Compared to previous models, the DSS650 achieves higher yields and lowers consumable costs. The DSS650's larger ingots can also improve the downstream slicing business by enabling customers to produce higher silicon bricks that optimize their silicon loading in the slice saw.

The full product specification for the DSS650 will be announced when it is officially launched in January this year.

Responsible editor Cai Zhenwen

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