Hexin robot control solution

Motion Control, Robotics

Project features:

1. The CTH3-C37 motion controller is purchased with the Cortex-A8 1GHz processor as hardware, providing powerful computing performance and implementing complex robot control.

2. Based on the powerful CoDesys system software architecture, it provides a variety of PLC programming methods and integrates the Softmotion+CNC function.

3, support for a variety of robot model function blocks, including gantry type, parallel robots, six-joint machine algorithms, support multiple interpolation and linkage axis, single controller can control multiple robots.

4, good human-computer interaction programmable teaching, support man-machine interface control motion track file import and real-time operation of three-dimensional coordinate monitoring.

The 5,100 Mbps EtherCAT bus realizes high-speed communication between the motion controller and the H-series servo system and can form a redundant communication ring network, making the system simple and reliable.

6, compatible with CTH3-C series expansion module, 55Mbps backplane bus scalable digital input and output modules, analog input and output modules, temperature modules, communication modules, encoder modules, pulse output modules.

7. Modbus TCP/IP Ethernet communication, connecting the Internet of Things mobile phone/tablet terminal, remote monitoring terminal, human-machine interface, visual system, etc. to realize high-speed communication.

Motion Control, Robotics

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