[VR Video] GFriend Group "Rough", a Student Skirt

GFriend Group "Rough", a student's miniskirt

Size: 240MB
Sharpness: 4K


GFRIEND (correct official name GFRIEND/여자친구) is a women's concert group launched by Source Music Korea in 2015. It is composed of So Won, Ye Rin, Eun Ha, and Yu Ju. ), Sin B, and Um Ji, six members.
"Rough" is the third mini-album "SNOWFLAKE" hit song of Source Music's women's group GFRIEND. It was released on January 25, 2016. It is composed by IGGY and YOUNGBAE.
On February 2nd, 2016, GFriend won the SBS Potato Show Show with "Rough". It was also the first one since their debut, followed by the same week's Show Champion, M!Countdown, Music. The bank and the popular ballad also received 1st place. In addition to the good performance in the music program, Rough also swept the 1st in terms of the sound source. In the iChart ranking, it reached the first All-Kill in 2016, the fifth year in a row. The team idol team achieved this result; in the 2nd week of February, the "Rough" audio list continued to rise, reaching the Perfect-Kill~ consecutive feat on February 7 to achieve PK66 feats! In the third week of February, the music program swept one. In the end, Rough got a total of 15 trophies.

Super power MV, see the second screenshot that action, not enough domineering! ? Are students wearing school uniforms and pettiskirts that are attractive to you? ? ?

Download address: http://bbs.shafa.com/thread-1301551-1-1.html

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