Radar sensor is forced to install into the air vent with the automatic driving system

Israeli autopilot technology maker Mobileye said on Monday that the Chinese government is about to introduce a new deal, forcing large commercial vehicles and trucks to install basic autopilot systems when they are on the road. The onboard autopilot system will alert the driver when the vehicle deviates from the lane or is about to collide with a roadside pedestrian. Later this year, China will issue a draft standard for autonomous vehicles, which will be implemented on highways and then on urban roads.

The intelligent networked car is simply equipped with advanced sensors, controllers, actuators and other devices to realize the information sharing of the people and vehicles, and finally realize the automatic driving of the car. The China Association of Automobile Manufacturers issued the "13th Five-Year Plan for the Development of the Automotive Industry" on the 17th, requiring the establishment of an automotive industry innovation system during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, actively developing intelligent networked vehicles, and proposing cars with driving assistance functions, new vehicles. The penetration rate is 50%, and the automatic driving penetration is 10%. An automatic emergency braking system was installed for almost all vehicles sold in the United States before September 2022 to prevent a collision accident when the driver did not apply the brakes or did not apply sufficient braking force.

As the radar sensor at the core of automotive autonomous driving technology, Mercedes-Benz has been using it for decades. The early radar sensor used 10GHZ, the latter gradually developed into 24GHZ, and now the 77GHZ/24GHZ mixed use, the radar volume is getting smaller and smaller. The price is getting cheaper and cheaper. In recent years, due to the diversification of ADAS technology, sensors have spread from radar to cameras, lasers, etc. However, radar sensors are the most critical driving assistance technology and are the most mature automotive safety driving assistance technology.

Foreign upstream semiconductor chip companies Freescale, Infineon, midstream radar sensor companies RFbeam, innosent, smartmicro, downstream Hella, Bosch, Autoliv, etc. are actively deploying this industry, and launched corresponding solutions, such as flying The SMIC/NXP 77GHZ MMIC chip, the RFbeam 24GHZ/77GHZ radar sensor custom production, the Haila Bosch and other companies' automotive vehicle radar industry standards.

The domestic use of the car's active safety driving assistance system is still present in the high-end car, the products are also provided by foreign manufacturers, and most of them are used as an option, and the price and market awareness are obstacles to mass popularization. As domestic manufacturers gradually realize that this industry is a development trend, and some solution companies propose cheaper solutions, such as Xiamen Yixing Semiconductor, the entire industry is currently in a period of accumulation, but the products that enter the market substantially The program is less, I believe that if China is about to release the draft standard for self-driving cars, it will bring substantial benefits to the industry, and the industry is gradually entering the air.

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