Analysis of the Leading Technology of Economic Cars Supported by EPS Electronics

Electronic enthusiasts news : often owners do not know what ESP is? What is EPS? Simply put, ESP is an electronic stability system, and EPS is an electronic power steering system. ESP electronic stabilization system has not yet been widely popularized, and can only be seen on a few mid-to-high-end cars. Therefore, it has become a highlight on some models. When choosing a car, people began to pay attention to whether the model was installed with ESP electronic stability system. In fact, EPS electronic power steering system is not simple.

EPS is the electric power steering system. Electric power steering system is the development direction of automobile steering system. The system is directly powered by electric power steering, eliminating the need for power steering oil pumps, hoses, hydraulic oil, conveyor belts and pulleys installed on the engine, which saves energy and protects the environment. Due to the working characteristics of electric power steering, you will feel that driving such a car has a better sense of direction and is more stable at high speed. As the saying goes, the direction does not flutter. And because it does not work when it does not turn, it also saves energy to some extent.

Because EPS generally uses such power steering systems in high-end cars, such as golf, Angkla, Mindray, and other high-end cars. In the field of economy cars, the deployment rate of EPS is not high. It can be said that the field of economy cars is still the "blue ocean" of EPS technology. In the economy car market, models with advanced performance, advanced technology, and significant cost performance have always been available. Favored by consumers, Tianjin FAW V5 is such a representative model. It is reported that the N7 will also be equipped with this system in the near future, I believe that by then everyone will have more optional economy car models.

For a long time, the power steering system of automobiles has generally adopted the hydraulic power steering system. It can be said that after more than ten years of development, the hydraulic steering technology is relatively mature. However, from the development trend of the entire steering system, as people To further improve the requirements of automobile environmental protection, energy saving and safety, EPS electronic power steering replaces hydraulic power steering with its many absolute technical advantages. Based on the current technological development level, relevant experts optimistically estimate that EPS will require approximately complete replacement of hydraulic power steering 3 to 5 years.

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