Timetable for mass production of iPhones supporting WAPI is uncertain

Timetable for mass production of iPhones supporting WAPI is uncertain

As China Unicom vigorously promotes Apple's 3G iPhone, iPhones that support the Chinese wireless standard WAPI are also ready.

"The iPhone N88 mobile phone that supports WAPI has been mass-produced, and now we have started to develop the iPhone N90 product. It is estimated that the N90 will be mass-produced by May or June this year." Yesterday, an insider of Shenzhen Foxconn Group told the "First Financial Daily" It has been revealed that it is not yet known when China Unicom will list WAPI-enabled iPhone N88 phones, because 3G iPhones that do not support WAPI and Wi-Fi are still in production, and these products must also be supplied to China Unicom.

However, Unicom did not disclose any information about iPhones that support WAPI. The relevant person in charge of Guangdong Unicom said that whether the iPhone product has been adjusted depends on the meaning of the headquarters, but there has not been any new news about the iPhone product.

In early December of last year, Yu Yingtao, general manager of China Unicom Huasheng Communication Co., Ltd., also said in an interview with the media that although there is no timetable for when to introduce Wi-Fi on Apple mobile phones, such a wait is not expected to be too much. Long. China Unicom and Apple are collaborating on development to allow Apple mobile phones to support both foreign Wi-Fi standards and domestic WAPI standards.

"The iPhone is a weapon for China Unicom to snatch high-end users. China Unicom will definitely make full use of the iPhone as a weapon." Telecommunications expert Fu Liang said that it is still difficult to judge when the iPhone that supports WAPI will be listed because of mobile phone detection. It takes a while to access the Internet. However, China Unicom should also adjust its terminal strategy recently. An iPhone is not enough for China Unicom to give full play to the many advantages of the WCDMA terminal category.

In addition, the BlackBerry phone that China Telecom has cooperated with RIM has not yet been described. China Telecom ’s introduction of BlackBerry has also been regarded by the outside world as an important weapon to block China Unicom ’s 3G iPhone. An insider of RIM China said yesterday that the BlackBerry phone in cooperation with China Telecom still has no specific time to market.

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