Attention to the distribution of ground wire in sound engineering

First, pay attention to the details of the sound ground distribution

â‘  Some circuits have both small signal input terminals and large signal output terminals, and the input and output are usually delivered by the panel. If both input and output have grounding points, their grounding terminals must be wired to a common grounding wire, and cannot share a grounding wire.

â‘¡ If there are many grounding components at all levels in the actual circuit layout, it is impossible to penetrate these components into a threading hole, but arrange the grounding components of this level as close as possible to a section or a common ground Areas can also lead to ground branches or ground islands from the ground line.

â‘¢ Whether the layout of the ground wire is reasonable or not determines whether the current in the ground wire flows through other circuits or components not related to this current.

â‘£ In the arrangement of high-power audio output stage, due to the large volume of the output power block and filter electrolytic capacitors, which need to be installed outside the board, the grounding points of these components should be made with the grounding components of the circuit on the board at this level Ground to one point.

⑤ The distribution of the ground wire should be based on the current in the address, that is, the uncorrelated currents cannot be combined with one ground wire, and the current allowed in one ground wire cannot be separated with the ground wire.

2. When there are various signal paths and output wires routed into the board, in order to prevent parasitic coupling, the following points should be achieved:

â‘  The signal lines should avoid being arranged parallel to each other when typesetting, especially when dealing with internal cross-line and double-sided printing, pay attention to making the wires on both sides vertical or cross, not equal;

â‘¡, the shorter the signal trace between all levels, the better;

â‘¢ When meeting the signal wires that need to be set equally in the board, these wires should be separated by a certain distance as far as possible, or separated by a ground wire and a power wire to achieve the purpose of shielding;

In addition to the inductance and resistance existing in the printed wire, there is also mutual inductance and capacitance in the sound of the wire. When the circuit operating frequency is high or the current is large, it will also cause interference to other parts. We call this harmful coupling due to the distributed parameters between the wires this parasitic coupling interference.

â‘£ When arranging the circuits at all levels, they should be arranged in the order of signals, and can not be detoured or arranged in stages, so that the signal lines between each level can be avoided from crossing each other;

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