Thai LED lighting project for the first experiment

On May 8th, the LED lighting project launched by the Thai Power Authority was in the implementation stage. At present, the first test was carried out with the LED lamp of the model MR16, and the No. 5 energy-saving logo was attached.

After that, the power bureau will continue to expand the scope of testing in 2013 and next year, and gradually implement LED lighting technology in other types of lamps to achieve energy-saving collectivization, and gradually promote the unified use of LED tubes throughout the country.

Thailand's power director Suta pointed out that after preliminary tests on the model MR16LED lamp, the test family, especially the LED lamp instead of the fluorescent lamp, saved more than 50% of the electricity. It turns out that the promotion of LED lighting technology can effectively alleviate the rising demand for electrical energy. In 2013, the peak power consumption period was March 28, and the total power consumption for the day was 26,642 megawatts. Although the peak period of power consumption has passed, it is expected that the demand for electricity in the future will only increase and will double in the next 20 years.

At present, the power bureau has installed and tested LED lights in four dams. These LED lights are mainly installed on the roadside. After a period of trials, it is found that the LED tubes consume 70% less electricity than ordinary lamps. At present, there are 700,000 street lamps in Thailand. If all of them are converted into LED lights, once they are uniformly replaced, it is estimated that the annual energy saved will reach 224 million units, or 761 million units, which can be reduced by 11 per year. 4,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. The life of LED tubes is also longer than that of ordinary bulbs.

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