BOE intends to increase its capital by 154 million yuan to its subsidiary Guangshi with its own funds

On April 3, BOE issued the announcement of the resolution of the 28th meeting of the sixth board of directors. The meeting reviewed and approved the proposal on the integration and capital increase of BOE's semiconductor lighting business. BOE intends to increase its capital by RMB 154 million to its subsidiary, Guangguang, with its own funds.

BOE said that according to the development requirements of the company's semiconductor lighting business and optical technology business group, the company intends to use the optical technology as the legal carrier to merge the business of the company's LED lighting business into the optical technology management, and the shareholders of China and Japan by the optical technology The proportion of newly added investment does not exceed RMB 170 million (including the Company's capital increase of RMB 154 million), which will expand and expand the company's semiconductor environmental lighting business. After the integration of this business, the registered capital of Optical Technology will increase from RMB 186 million to no more than RMB 356 million, and BOE holds 90.51% of its equity.

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