Inferior LED bulbs "multi-function" swagger

A multi-function LED bulb of 58 yuan, the service life is 50,000 hours, equivalent to more than 5 years. It is not only energy efficient, but also an emergency light. Does it sound very "tempting"? But Miss Li bought it for two days, the light bulb is broken, and she is not alone in this situation. Taking this as a clue, in March this year, the Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau’s anti-counterfeiting squad destroyed a black den in the production of fake and inferior lamps in Zhejiang and arrested three suspects.
Multi-function LED lights sell more than 40,000 merchants
Hu Yu (pseudonym) is a shareholder of a trading company in Chongqing. In April last year, a friend recommended a new type of LED light to him. "There are many functions and good market prospects." In the friend's demonstration, Hu Yu found that this large palm light bulb has a built-in battery, which can also be used as an emergency light in case of power failure. The light bulb has an infrared remote control function, and it is not necessary to separately equip the remote control. The home TV remote control and air conditioner remote control board can switch lights.
“It’s the most attractive to customers, or it’s energy-saving.” A friend told Hu Yu that the bulb is full of LED beads , and eight of these bulbs are used at the same time, less than a 25-watt incandescent lamp. Not only energy saving, but also a service life of up to 50,000 hours, no need to change the bulb for at least 5 years.
Multi-functional, remote control, energy-saving, long life, directed at these "selling points", Hu Yu quickly signed an agency sales contract with Zhejiang Ruiyue Electric Appliance Factory, and purchased a total of 1.35 million yuan worth of this "Yi Da "Lighting mother multi-function bulb 40,000.
It takes less than two days for the bulb to light up.
The price of 34 yuan bulbs, Hu Yu's company sold 58 yuan, sales are not bad. However, shortly after the investment in the Chongqing market, customers continued to take the light bulb back, saying that it took two or three days to break down and demanded repairs. After a simple test by the sales staff, it was found that many of the LED beads in the bulb did not light up, and there was an unknown black liquid flowing out of the bulb.
In November last year, Hu Yu, who was suspected of buying inferior goods, came to the Yubei District Public Security Bureau to report the case. After receiving the report, the police handling the case followed Hu Yu to the company warehouse, randomly selected dozens of light bulbs as samples, sent to professional institutions for testing and identification. The identification results showed that there was no obvious appearance mark on the bulb, and the basic information such as the lamp wattage and the manufacturer were not printed on the bulb. There is also a problem with the quality of the lamp, which may leak electricity and the user may be at risk of electric shock. Therefore, this "Yi Da" photo-matter multi-function lamp was identified as a counterfeit product.
Police in Zhejiang smashed production dens
On February 28 this year, after obtaining the appraisal results, the task force composed of the Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau Anti-Counterfeiting Corps and the Yubei District Public Security Bureau immediately went to Zhejiang to seal up the manufacturer of the light bulb, Zhejiang Ruiyue Electrical Appliance Factory.
"Actually, it is not a factory, at least a small workshop." The police report to the Hualong network reporter revealed that the police first arrived in Zhejiang, according to the industrial and commercial registration address of the electrical plant, only found a private house. After many inquiries, the electrical appliance factory was found several kilometers away from the registered place. Outside the factory, even the company's name card is not linked. There are only two small houses in the whole factory, and seven or eight workers assemble some raw materials to produce light bulbs.
On the day of the inspection of the electrical appliance factory, the police also captured three factory managers including Yu. According to Yu, he started working in the light bulb factory when he was a teenager. At the end of 2010, he saw this new type of multi-function LED lamp in the newspaper, and he wanted to develop and produce it himself. "I know what components are needed, and they can be assembled together. If he is good, he will sell it first." Yu said that his business has seized the market for selling "concepts."
At present, Yu Mou has been criminally detained by the Chongqing police for allegedly producing and selling fake and inferior products. The case is still under investigation.
Tips: Teach you to identify fake and shoddy products
(1) Identify the trademark logo. Famous products generally use registered trademarks, and the trademarks are printed on the packaging with the words "registration" or "R". When consumers purchase goods, they should develop the habit of paying attention to the registration of trademarks.
(2) Pay attention to the quality of packaging printing. Generally speaking, the packaging materials for famous and excellent products are more sophisticated, the packaging and decoration patterns are printed clearly, the image is realistic, the color is suitable, and the firmness is high. The counterfeit and shoddy goods are mostly used as waste trademark marks or self-printed logos, so it is easy to have color irregularities, graphic patterns, blurred patterns, irregular sealing, and skewing of binding and binding.
(3) Pay attention to the instructions on the package. Famous products (including imported high-quality goods) will be marked on the package according to the product name, factory name, site, specifications, model, composition, net weight, date of manufacture, etc., producers of high-quality goods will not and need not to consumers Concealing their own situation; manufacturers of counterfeit and shoddy goods often deliberately evade, do not indicate the above content, the most common is the name of the factory, the site or only the words "Made in China".
(4) Pay attention to the choice of shopping places. Regular large and medium-sized commercial enterprises generally have a stricter and more standardized purchase management system, and pay more attention to their own credibility. It is less likely to buy fake and shoddy goods here. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to request purchase invoices for possible Rights protection provides evidence.

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