Offshore wind power management rules issued at least 10 kilometers offshore wind farms

The National Energy Administration and the State Oceanic Administration officially issued the "Implementation Rules for the Interim Measures for the Administration of the Development and Construction of Offshore Wind Power". The detailed rules apply to offshore wind power development and construction management in the early stage of offshore wind power projects, project approval, project construction and operation management.

According to the Regulations, offshore wind power planning should be consistent with the National Renewable Energy Development Plan, in line with marine functional zoning, island protection planning, and marine environmental protection planning. We must adhere to the principle of saving and intensively using the sea and compile environmental assessment chapters to avoid the impact on national defense security and maritime traffic safety.

Offshore wind farms should, in principle, have a sea area with a water depth of not less than 10 meters when the distance to the shore is not less than 10 kilometers and the width of the beach is more than 10 kilometers. In various sensitive marine areas such as marine nature reserves, marine special protected areas, important fishery waters, typical marine ecosystems, estuaries, bays, natural historical sites and protected areas, no offshore wind farm may be planned and arranged.

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