[Drawing] [You wish me to pay] to download VST all polymerization to win 10,000 yuan new year gift!

Event Review [You Make a Wish • I Pay for It] Download VST All-in-one to Win 10,000 New Year's Gifts! Total floor number 33486 Floor decompression password Vs3m1*(y*SG]e=[s#DG0/5~,D?3e}2wYT@*

Winning situation:

Prizes Prize Rank Proportions Floor Winning Floor Prize ID Remarks Grand Prize 22% 7367 Sunny weather zhongguo, first posted without maps, last 2 times 7407 floor 44% first prize 14734 Wind blowing 66% 22101 Black age 88% 29468 sjhren Zhongguo, the first post without pictures, the second prize of 29488 floor 11% 3683 qyhgy 33% 11050 sdyuna purple maple, brush posts, continued 2 times, 11090 floor 55% 18417 luoye1001 77% 25784 is always the protagonist nb99, brush posts , Continuation 2 times, 25,824th floor 99% 33,151 Drunken invincibility 3rd place 8% 2679 hifi557 18% 6027 Don't be obsessed with sister 28% 9376 YSY Freedom 38% 12725 alex00 48% 16073 zhaohai77111 58% 19422 Posture youth 63% 21096 Hi much 73% One hundred fifty-fifty one hundred and forty-fourth is the protagonist, has been in the continuation of four 24525

Award description:

1. A list of winners will be announced for three days. The winner will be awarded after no objection.
2. Winners must join the sofa network activity group (group number 426470841) to facilitate contact;
3, please win the winner within three days through the forum to submit personal information to the sofa Forum Moderator: Mi Xue sister. Must be submitted in the following manner for statistical convenience.

(All winners must submit personal information and submit as of 15:00, January 13, 2017)

Event Name: [you wish I pay] download vst all polymerization to win 1 million new year gift!
New Year's Wishes Prize: For example: Smartphone (can not exceed the price on the winning level)
Purchase connection for new year's wish prizes:

4, if you can not submit personal information through the forum site, please contact the Mi Xue sister in the "sofa net - activity group (QQ group number)" to provide login forum screenshots and personal information.

Sun Description:
After receiving the prize for this event, please sip on the following sundry quotes without having to open a separate post sun award.

[You wish I'll pay] Download VST All-in-one to win 10,000 New Year's gifts!

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