China's first solar cell standard introduced

The standard was drafted by the China Building Materials Inspection and Certification Center. The solar cell glass referred to in the standard refers to a high throw ratio glass for a crystalline silicon solar cell cover sheet. It is understood that solar cell glass does not currently have corresponding international standards for reference. The domestic and foreign related companies generally set their own corporate standards for production control or incoming inspection. Because there is no uniform standard, the development and regulation of the solar cell glass industry is severely constrained.
The standard proposes that the solar cell glass should not contain more than 0.015% iron, the visible light transmittance is greater than or equal to 91.5% (contracted by 3mm standard thickness), and the direct transmittance of sunlight is greater than or equal to 91.0% (equivalent to 3mm). Standard thickness).
The experts attending the meeting believed that the industry standards adopted this time are more strict and professional than the relevant foreign industry standards. The purpose is to improve the product level, enterprise management level and technological progress of the industry through the implementation of standards. The formulation of this standard will become an important basis for quality control and inspection of relevant enterprises, and will play a positive role in promoting the development of China's solar glass industry.
Experts say that when conditions are ripe, the industry standard will seek to upgrade to a higher platform and strive to become a national standard.

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