WP mobile phone sales decline

WP mobile phone sales decline November 1 news, according to foreign media reports, if consumers once again need a reason not to buy Windows Phone, then Microsoft has given the answer: now purchased Windows Phone 8 devices may not be able to upgrade to Windows8.1. Then again, maybe it can be upgraded. This is not a smart phone operating system that can't help struggling.

Matt Hamblen, a computer world contributing writer, managed to find out whether existing Windows Phone 8 devices from Nokia and Microsoft will be able to upgrade to Windows 8.1. However, the non-answers the two companies gave him were surprising.

Haibomen got in touch with Nokia and asked if the Nokia Windows 8 phone, including the high-end Lumia 1020 and the lower-cost Lumia 520, will be upgraded to Windows 8.1. A spokeswoman for the company replied by email: "We don't Comment on future products, but Microsoft has confirmed that smartphones running Windows Phone 8 will be upgraded to Windows Phone 8.1.” Her words seem very clear, right? But obviously, this is not something Nokia or Microsoft is interested in. But two hours later, she sent an e-mail and replied non-answer: "Microsoft has confirmed that the smartphone running Windows Phone 8 will be upgraded." But what version will be upgraded? You may want to know, but Nokia and Microsoft have not answered. The person in charge of the company only tells Haibomen that the Windows Phone operating system can be upgraded, but as for how to upgrade personal devices, it is not known.

J.Gold Associates technical analyst Jack Gold is very demanding, but in a word, he talked about Haibomen's refusal to provide an answer. He said: "Microsoft seems to hide facts or at least not The user's specific equipment can be upgraded, they have the right to expect an answer, whether or not.In this case, both Microsoft and Nokia are at fault, they are not straightforward to the customer, by looking back at the last time on the Windows Phone. A major upgrade we can see, the same story is repeated." He said that the last upgrade referred to is from Windows Phone 7 upgrade to Windows Phone 8, and Windows Phone 7 devices can not be upgraded to Windows Phone 8.

Microsoft is so far behind in the smart phone market that it can't afford such mistakes. Any mobile phone purchased by the user should be able to upgrade to a certain extent. On this issue, Microsoft should be honest, otherwise it is arrogant. When he has only 3% of the market share, he can't afford the price of arrogance.

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