China's lighting "Thirty to stand" brand's sleepiness "like the shadow"

China's lighting industry has been developing in the past 30 years of reform and opening up. It has reviewed the 30-year history of industrial development. After 1979-1989, the light source country was unified and purchased, and the lamps and lanterns were sold to the government and enterprises. "Children's Market + Parents" promotion period.

After 1989-1999, the lamps were incorporated into the International Electrotechnical Commission's standard specification management system. The light source and lighting relationship were basically smoothed out during the integration period of light sources, and gradually went to the market-oriented road, and was able to go out partially. This is called “development”. Infant and adolescence in the market + out of the house.

In the ten years from 1999 to now, with the simultaneous expansion of China's lighting industry and enterprise scale, the continuous improvement of technology and product quality, the convergence of production areas and supporting dependencies, and the mutual penetration of light source enterprises and lighting companies, the Chinese lighting industry has become An important force in the world's lighting industry, China's lighting industry has entered a stage of integrated development.

The “Third to Stand” Chinese lighting industry is facing the “deep-up period” of “mature market”, and it also coincides with the 30 years of reform and opening up that has experienced the construction of domestic real estate and the climax of urban lighting project construction at the beginning of this century. Ten, we should see that the Chinese lighting industry has begun to move from childish to mature, from fanaticism to rationality, but the facts are not only optimistic. In the 21st century, the brand has become the goal pursued by lighting companies. Although the Chinese lighting industry has been driven by NVC and Opp, in the short period of ten years, a group of so-called brand enterprises have been formed in the industry, but the Chinese lighting companies have "Sleepy" is like a shadow.

As for the brand status and confusion of China's lighting industry, semiconductor lighting as an important branch of China's lighting industry, the end of the traditional lighting enterprise brand is the starting point for building a brand of semiconductor lighting enterprise, hope to share the lighting brand with the industry colleagues "Confusion".

First, the confusion of category brand strategy:

Darwin's Law on the Origin of Species reveals the law of biological growth: there are two ways of biological growth: one is evolution, the land of growth of old creatures; the other is differentiation, a paradise for the growth of new organisms.

Lighting companies to build brands and maintain the development of the brand naturally follow the laws of biological growth. For the old brand, as long as you constantly evolve yourself, you can maintain the brand's leading position; and for the backward brand, you must grasp the trend of differentiation--open the new category.

China's lighting industry has long been in the status quo of international brand competition. The international giants such as Philips, Osram, GE and so on rely on the high-end international brand image to cover almost all the categories of lighting, and only the domestic can compete with it. Lighting brand, the advantage focuses on the market ability of engineering and commercial lighting), Op (home lighting category brand, focus on terminal outlets and word of mouth), Qinshang Optoelectronics (led outdoor lighting category brand, the focus is on LED street lights and LED outdoor Product) is the category brand represented. At present, the industry brand in the true sense of the country is seriously lacking, and the integration of categories and the shaping of public brands will become the inevitable road for the brand building of domestic leading enterprises. The breakdown of category brands is still confused.

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